Sunday, 13 November 2016

Week 281 Wrap Up

What is that? The Blogger still needs to be done? Well whatever, I'll do it tomorrow. Wait, what? You say it's due today? And that I should go with a different intro because you believe I've done this joke already? Meh, whatever. I'll check on it later...

Huh? Okay, okay! I'll get to it already! Sheesh.

This week has been a week for, well, being lazy. Sleeping in, avoiding work, following the old adage "Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow," that sort of thing. Like I wish I could do with this entry... But oh well, one can't put things off forever, after all. So come take a look at these pictures of ponies lazing about and/or sleeping in. Perhaps all of this will inspire you to stop putting off that thing you keep meaning to do! Or perhaps it will simply inspire you to sleep in tomorrow. Whatever works.

*looks through past entries* Hmm. I have done this schtick before. Oh well.

Gallery for Week 281

01. Irdes
We all sometimes need a bit of being alone with ourselves.)

Sometimes you just need to hide inside a box, even if it is a bit unorthodox. - fetchbeer

02. Lemon-Bitter-Twist

The thunderheads are looming large, harboring a static charge. - fetchbeer

03. Vaser888

The sure sign that you are soon to fall asleep, as fatigue approaches at a slow creep. - fetchbeer

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