Sunday, 7 January 2018

Week 341 Wrap Up

A luck-based theme coming from the ATG? Why, the odds of that are three thousand seven hundred and twenty to one! And yet, here we are; good thing people never tell us the odds. After all, sometimes in life you just gotta roll the dice and see what comes up. *rolls* Bah, snake eyes. Why did it have to be snake eyes?

Bleh. I think I'll quit before my luck gets any worse. Besides, it's time to open up the Gallery, so I shouldn't keep you all waiting any longer. So without further ado, I present examples of ponies interacting with luck. Hopefully better luck than mine.

Gallery for Week 341

01. GoggleSparks

Every night should not be forgotten, even if it's rotten. - fetchbeer

02. AnimatorWil

How does one hold a card, with hooves it seems quite hard! - fetchbeer

03. RemnantViscera

They don't seem too happy about this costume, but at least they're not dressed as a broom. - fetchbeer

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