Sunday, 28 January 2018

Week 344 Wrap Up

You're probably wondering what all that banging and clanging is. Well, we had planned on doing renovations over the course of the week, with said renovations being completed on Friday. But we ran into a few complications. And by 'complications', I mean the summoning of Shala Lala the Shuddering Horror. Eldritch entities appearing in the middle of town doesn't exactly speed up one's projects. Of course, this is Ponyville, a town that comes under attack by powerful supernatural entities on a regular basis. So the construction ponies had factored in such a potential assault when they planned out their work, and thus expected to be finished by now anyways.

But then, the Inferno Empire attacked. Overlord Vulcanus and his incendiary minions didn't stick around for long, quickly deciding that discretion was the better part of valor after Princess Twilight threw Shala Lala at them (Of all the days they could have picked for their invasion, it had to be the one when the 'stars were right'), but their brief presence in town still added to the overall destruction wreaked that day.

But thankfully, the Gallery is still able to open this evening. While the builders aren't finished with their work, they have found some inventive new ways of getting the work done without impeding the visitors. Specifically, finishing the main hall first, then worrying about the side rooms. Which doesn't really seem 'inventive' or 'new' to me, but who am I to argue with the ponies that keep this oft-cursed town from collapsing?

Gallery for Week 344

01. AnimatorWil

Cutting boots apart can be easy fashion, though it could cause disasters that make you ashen. - fetchbeer

02. MixedScales

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