Sunday, 21 January 2018

Week 343 Wrap Up

Are you as awesome as you wanna be? Because I am! Which is admittedly not all that hard, as I don't actually want to be all that awesome. You see, awesome people get a lot of attention, and as an introvert, I often prefer to go unnoticed. Besides, flying under the radar is quite beneficial to my work as a sneaky jewelry thie... err, nevermind that.

But for those looking for something more attention getting than I tend to be, there's plenty of radical ponies present in the gallery. Though do be careful, as there seem to be a few radical elements, aka rebels, hidden amongst those ponies, and they are ready to stick it to the man! Whatever that means; radical lingo is not something I'm particularly well versed in.

At any rate, that's enough gibbering from me. Time to open up the gallery!

Gallery for Week 343

01. AnimatorWil

The coolest ponies strike a pose, and get to show off their new clothes. - fetchbeer

02. LuxrayStark

Getting to meet you a monster face to face, less interesting stories may replace. - fetchbeer

03. LuxrayStark

04. AaronMK

Sometimes the good must go to war, just pray that peace they do restore. - fetchbeer

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