Sunday, 14 January 2018

Week 342 Wrap Up

Attennn-HU*crack* OWW! Gah... Note to self: Don't abruptly stand up straight under a low arch.

But NEVER MIND that, Maggots! The time has COME for you Dog-Faced LOSERS to show me... You're not gonna start CRYING, are you!?

Wait, you are gonna start crying? Oh geez, I'm sorry. You know what? Screw this act; nopony actually likes drill sergeants anyways. Not even the Guardponies themselves. So instead, let's celebrate this week's theme with military marching songs instead, as those are much more enjoyable! Alright, all together now:

Sombra's mother, she's the queen,
Bit it in the final scene,
Drank a glass of funky wine,
Now she's Tirek's valentine!

Gallery for Week 342

01. AnimatorWil

How should sheep behave in regards to apex predators? Much in the same way as they do to creditors. - fetchbeer

02. LuxrayStark

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