Monday, 17 October 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 16

Put those time machines back in the closet, field trip time is over! Did you enjoy your trips to the past... and future?

This week we had 69 wonderful ponies from other decades, in fact other millenia! I'm not quite sure how big a time span we've covered, but we've gone from dinosaurs (did they go extinct in Equestria?) all the way to jet packs in the future! Jet packs ponies! Jet packs are awesome! Well so are dinosaurs! Everything you ponies do is awesome!

1 MeriamFunLand1999 (Far out, man! -Lunar Apologist)

2 FerrousOxideMolecule (This detective pony stalks the night, and no criminal will escape his sight! - fetchbeer)

3 Harsadeur (I can totally see AJ as a knight -Lunar Apologist)

4 Summershineftw

5 brokenhero0409

6 GiantMosquito (Just how did Scoots become a car, I must say this is just bizarre. - fetchbeer)

7 SamuelEAllen

8 Trixingno (You have brought honor to your family this day, Sparkle-san. -Lunar Apologist)

9 Rekiara (Some ancient ponies painted upon a caves walls, so unlike their future castles windowed walls. - fetchbeer)

10 AmbroseButtercrust (The angle to this really gives a lot of feeling to this drawing. I approve. - Arcum)

12 Scyphi

13 MaxAyson (Poor spike by all the ponies has been shunned, their behavior toward him has left him stunned. - fetchbeer)

14 ItDontMeanAThing (Do you hear the ponies sing? Singing the song of angry mares! -Lunar Apologist)

15 Alipes

16 G-DO-29--Anagram (Cheerilee wishes the photos would disappear, she wants no evidence of how she used to do her hair. - fetchbeer)

17 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

18 LeafGrowth

19 Fboss90 (This aristocratic pony would not give up her whip, only death made her lose her grip. - fetchbeer)

20 RunbowDash

21 arcrane

22 MoonlightScribe (These sultry ponies enjoy their rest and cigarette, very soon they'll sing a sweet duet. - fetchbeer)

23 NikkuWalkanov

24 OzAngel

25 hip-indeed (Oh Celestia, I'm pretty sure I had a Trapper Keeper that looked just like this D: -Lunar Apologist)

26 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Poor Pinkie Pie has much devolved, will this problem soon be solved? - fetchbeer)

27 Acceleron

28 peperoger

29 DarkKnightWolf2011 (I could totally see the ponies being perfectly at home in the 50s! -Lunar Apologist)

30 WhiteEyedCat (So many of the older ponies here, that in the past many did hold dear. - fetchbeer)

31 Philith

32 UnicornSketch (It's actually her own blend of all-natural ingredients that she uses as a conditioner! Also, the second lather and rinse is key. -Lunar Apologist)

33 Otterlore (This pony looks quite dashing in her stole, as she goes on about her stroll. - fetchbeer)

34 kitsuneymg

35 TheMellowSide

36 GonzaHerMeg (All these ponies that over different decades did roam, I especially like Dashie and her comb. - fetchbeer)

37 necrodios

38 miststar

39 Chromadancer (This pony is shocked by her former self, for to long that pony was on the shelf. - fetchbeer)

40 Baisre

41 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

42 RydelFox (If you are a criminal you can not flee, dead or alive you're coming with me. - fetchbeer)

43 demented-Mr-Paulsen

44 demented-Mr-Paulsen

45 Libium (These two took quite a wrong turn, among dinosaurs they're machine will burn. - fetchbeer)

46 TheWormOuroboros

47 Goggle Sparks

"48 Prismatic-Pretzel (Then that dame walked trough my door, and my tail began to beat against the floor. - fetchbeer)

49 Atlur

50 larrle

51 Rhanoa (I have no idea whats going on, but over ponies in sweaters I do fawn. - fetchbeer)

52 DarkKnightWolf2011

53 Wolferahm

54 MoonlightScribe

55 Invidlord (For this wonderful librarian, even Gilda would become a vegetarian. - fetchbeer)

56 ThisNameIsNotProfane

57 demented-Mr-Paulsen

58 Delta-Pangaea (Is this pony a robot too, from this much craziness must ensue! - fetchbeer)

59 Easteu

60 Naytree

61 041744 (I'm not sure I'd trust what this pony rivets, I think it may only hold together a couple minutes. - fetchbeer)

62 JimTheCactus

63 FoxOFWar

64 KUROGUAUGUAU (This ancient pony is very vain, she has many slaves to brush her mane. - fetchbeer)

65 JeffMartinez

66 Fatum--Inanis

67 TerribleTransit

68 NME-NRG (Fluttershy is still stuck in the last century, this pony may be from the penitentiary. - fetchbeer)

69 RaspleZS

70 HarrowTPrower (I want this concert to happen! -Lunar Apologist)


  1. #68 here

    "Fluttershy is still stuck in the last century, this pony may be from the last century. - fetchbeer"

    yeah... "Last century" rhymes with "last century" XD

  2. My alcohol blood level was a bit out of whack last night... I should try again now.

  3. Ahhh, I remember now... I meant to imply that Fluttergrunge had just escaped from jail.

  4. XD you edited it XD but my post is the evidence of your fail :D