Thursday, 13 October 2011

Saving the Admins!

Fetchbeer here. Good news everypony!

Because of all your valiant efforts we have been released from the clutches of the dread pirates!

Now most of the Admins were more than happy to be out of that little shack the pirates were holding them in, however I was rather content in my little room, especially since I was stuck in it with a keg that was bigger than I was! Fortunately that was rescued as well!

We had 17 ponies come to our rescue with these wonderful drawings! (And I think we can leave kits in that cage, she seems to like it!)

1 Chromadancer

2 peperoger (Vinyl Scratch with laser guns, will turn those scurvy pirates into nuns. - fetchbeer)

3 MoonlightScribe (Well at least Kits and Fetch get some booze... oh wait thats just ink. - Arcum)

4 demented-Mr-Paulsen (Join the marine ponies in the sea, just as long as you aren't a draftee. - fetchbeer)

5 FerrousOxideMolecule

6 M4st3rCh1ef (Where does that mare take the letter, and will we end up worse or better? - fetchbeer)

7 Ailynd

8 MoonlightScribe

9 Goggle Sparks (In retrospect, giant falling letters to save people on a ship might not have been the best way to save anyone... - Arcum)

10 UltraFamicom

11 MateusUK (Everypony should know better than to mess with applejack, it's good to know this pony has got our back. - fetchbeer)

12 TerribleTransit

13 Fetchbeer (Well at least fetch got something out of the whole ordeal. - Arcum)

14 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (So many ponies have come to our rescue, those pirates will be sleeping in the fescue! - fetchbeer)

15 VirgaRainboom (The pirates could not possibly survive, others freedoms they should not have attempted to deprive. - fetchbeer)

16 Prismatic-Pretzel (I wish Derpy had gone to find some better aid, maybe they could make us lemonade. - fetchbeer)


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