Monday, 10 October 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 15

Hello Ponies!

I see you have all gotten over having to do your chores, destroy your favorite books, and eating... oatmeal? Really? Oatmeal may be crazy, but why do ponies hate it so much?

You would think being held captive by pirates would be rather annoying, well I guess for the rest of the admin ponies it has been quite a trial, but would you believe they were using my cell as storage before they threw me into it? They didn't even bother to clean it out! They left an entire keg of rum in here! AN ENTIRE KEG! You can rescue the others, as they won't stop whining... But you can leave me with my new waifu... The keg and I have some serious drinking to do!

This week we had 84 ponies doing things which made them perfectly perturbed. That's wonderful everypony! Keep up the good work!

1 jelly-berry (I almost feel sorry for her! -Lunar Apologist)

2 FerrousOxideMolecule (Poor Derpy, at least you have cupcakes and not alfalfa. - Arcum)

3 FerrousOxideMolecule (I sweets myself... - Arcum)

4 kintaichi

5 AmbroseButtercrust (Poor Twilight has been ambushed by a snake, from these reptiles she needs a break. - fetchbeer)

6 GiantMosquito (I see what you did, there! -Lunar Apologist)

7 MaxAyson

8 Systemderart (I agree with this pony, there are to many ads on the TV! - fetchbeer)

9 JimTheCactus

10 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (I can almost hear her making her little noises of protest... -Lunar Apologist)

12 NikkuWalkanov (I think Applejack has told some lies, for fancy hat she does not despise. - fetchbeer)

13 egophiliac (Bon Bon, no! You've seen her chiropractor bills! D: -Lunar Apologist)

14 TerribleTransit (She says muffins once and you all assume she loves them to death! I hope you are all proud of yourselves making our beloved mail mare sick of muffins! - Arcum)

15 M4st3rCh1ef (Twilight just loves the written word, to keep her from her books is just absurd. - fetchbeer)

16 WhiteEyedCat (Think of it this way Fluttershy, the faster you go the quicker it will be done! - Arcum)

17 SamuelEAllen (That's cold, Rainbow Dash :\ -Lunar Apologist)

18 Ailynd

19 Easteu (The prince is not used to manual labor, for getting dirty he does abhor. - fetchbeer)

20 PenguinWhut1plz

21 Goggle Sparks

22 hip-indeed (The two ponies have done each others hair, though over her lost curls Rarities does despair. - fetchbeer)

23 Chromadancer

24 WillDrawForFood1 (Well... Google seems to have gotten less accurate to what you are looking for over the years... - Arcum)

25 NME-NRG (Trixie's rambling will drive her mad, for poor Twilight how will relief be had? - fetchbeer)

26 FracturedCB

27 Philith (Now that you mention it... That would be really awkward. - Arcum)

28 Atlur

29 toonboy92484 (How could they tell her to just chill, after so much sugar nopony could sit still! - fetchbeer)

30 DarkKnightWolf2011

31 Acceleron

32 JimTheCactus (Fluttershy on stage caught in the spotlight, it's to bad she suffers from stage fright. - fetchbeer)

33 RunbowDash (Scoot has been hanging around Pinkie Pie too much I think. - Arcum)

34 Baisre

35 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Twilight leaves her precious books behind, on a quest to new friends find. - fetchbeer)

36 Nun2artzy


38 RydelFox (How did Rarity get talked into going on this date, and have to put up all night with this stallion she does hate? - fetchbeer)

39 Quicksilver-the-Pony

40 GMoss96

41 MoonlightScribe (More riddles? I think Twilight needs to practice more with these anyway. - Arcum)

42 MoonlightScribe (How did Rainbow Dash get talked into playing chess? Her defense is just a mess! - fetchbeer)

43 Argembarger

44 kitsuneymg (Oh Celestia not oatmeal! ANYTHING BUT THAT! - Arcum)

45 brokenhero0409 (Poor Granny Smith stares down a snake, to use this coupon was a mistake. - fetchbeer)

46 MateusUK (You mean... It's NOT? -Lunar Apologist)

47 Rekiara

48 TheMellowSide (Luna always hated this kind of grass, her sister won't believe it gives her gas. - fetchbeer)

49 yiKOmega

50 demented-Mr-Paulsen

51 larrle (I always procrastinate putting clothes away, probably why my shirt still has wrinkles as the end of the day. - fetchbeer)

52 Invidlord

53 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

54 MariDrawer

55 Alipes (Pinkie despised always eating plain old hay, no wonder on the farm she did not stay. - fetchbeer)

56 DarkKnightWolf2011

57 Jdan-S

58 MoonlightScribe

59 Moabite (After the party she must clean, though to do this Pinkie does not seem keen. - fetchbeer)


61 PhantomGamer21

62 moonlitblackcat (Why does this filly despise her bath? I think somepony will soon face her wrath. - fetchbeer.

63 PajiPants

64 LeafGrowth (This makes me wonder if that seat was designed specifically for Lyra. - Arcum)

65 Delta-Pangaea (Scratch seems to despise looking nice, though somehow into this Octavia did entice. - fetchbeer)

66 Naytree

67 FoxOFWar

68 Fetchbeer

69 Wolferahm (This pony looks quite confused by these gloves, but these things her friend just loves. - fetchbeer)

70 LaptopGun

71 necrodios

72 KUROGUAUGUAU (Two ponies watch the clouds float by, though one would rather be up in the sky. - fetchbeer)

73 Whispatchet

74 RaspleZS

75 Kampzvono (As Applejacks been skipping classes, Big Macintosh is again stuck doing taxes. - fetchbeer)

76 Prismatic-Pretzel

77 041744

78 JeffMartinez

79 CrunchNugget (Bureaucracy Rainbow Dash does quite despise, as she waits inside she dies. - fetchbeer)

80 Fox-E

81 JeffMartinez

82 HarrowTPrower (I also despise rising with the morning sun, waking up is never fun. - fetchbeer)

83 Fatum--Inanis


85 ToyaBigEyes (There are just so many references to adore in here that I don't even know where to begin! -Lunar Apologist)


  1. Number 25 and 85 here!

    25.- "Trixie's rambling will drive her mad, for poor Twilight how will relief be had? - fetchbeer"

    the number 85 is the answer :D

  2. *84 (shit, I'm so silly, I can't even count numbers)