Monday, 24 October 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 17

Excellent work, everypony! This week, you've all turned in 82 completely adorable images of ponies and their favorite toys :)

Eeeeeee so many adorable plushies, and I want every single one of them!

Ahem. Apologies.

Anyhow, you've all done an amazing job. Keep it up! :)

This post would be longer, but your admin ponies have had their lives ruined by that most addicting toy: the video game.

Specifically, Minecraft. Oh, Celestia, Minecraft.

It's like legos but without the possibility of littering your floor and ending up impaled in a careless hoof and you can never find that one piece, come on, you've been through this tub like twenty times, it has to be in here!

You know what I mean, right? Right.

On with the ponies!

1 Alipes (Where are this filly's parents? Seriously! D: -Lunar Apologist)

2 TheWormOuroboros

3 FerrousOxideMolecule (I'm still sad that Twilight didn't get her well-loved Smartypants back... -Lunar Apologist)

4 FerrousOxideMolecule

5 FerrousOxideMolecule

6 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

7 Trixingno (Clearly photoshopped out a box of tasty cereal -Argembarger)

8 MaxAyson

9 SamuelEAllen

10 Otterlore (This is so adorable I can't even words. -Lunar Apologist)

12 Crisp-DA

13 Errick

14 peperoger (I love the loose style you've got going in this! -Lunar Apologist)

15 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (This is simply adorable! :D - Atlur)

16 RunbowDash

17 Scyphi (Red alert! All power to forward shields! - Atlur)

18 MLP-Whiteout

19 Ailynd

20 SinisterMongoose (Poor Pinkie seeks solace in her worn old doll, over her just what could cast this pall? - fetchbeer)

21 Hikarixxkh


23 arcrane (Rarity and her favorite sphere, that ball always brings her cheer. - fetchbeer)

24 TerribleTransit

25 TerribleTransit

26 AmbroseButtercrust

27 Deadman953 (Ponies and my favorite band are mixed, by this I will surely be transfixed! - fetchbeer)

28 oddlyenough2

29 Dwemergirl

30 ItDontMeanAThing

31 Nowler (Ooh, that is a really neat style. Also, bubbles! - Atlur)

32 Libium

33 RydelFox

34 jetpackclam

35 Acceleron

36 larrle

37 DI-FL (An accurate representation of life in Humantown -Argembarger)

38 NikkuWalkanov (Are you ready to rock? \m/ - Atlur)

39 Philith

40 MoonlightScribe

41 MoonlightScribe (I could see rainbow dash acting like this. - Arcum)

42 hip-indeed

43 Vandji

44 Nun2artzy

45 brokenhero0409 (At least it has a pretty ribbon - Atlur)

46 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

47 Rhanoa

48 Easteu (At least it has a pretty ribbon - Atlur)

49 Goggle Sparks

50 JunaECBS (The addition of baby Spike learning his future job is wonderful - Atlur)

51 bluefiresword

52 yiKOmega

53 Jdan-S

54 UnicornSketch (Pump up da BASS! - Atlur)

55 TheMellowSide (Colgate + dinosaur? I approve - Atlur)

56 Wolferahm

57 OwlCityMechatron

58 demented-Mr-Paulsen (Why would you make these!? - Arcum)

59 Invidlord (mfw playing with dolls on the moon because banished -Argembarger)

60 HarrowTPrower


62 TheRecliner27 (These take so much concentration. Must be harder to do this with magic! - Arcum)

63 Muffinsforever (A golden apple stolen from the gods, that causes ponies to be at odds. - fetchbeer)

64 Fox-E

65 LeafGrowth

66 Prismatic-Pretzel
Click through for Saucy

67 Naytree (This made me laugh pretty hard, not gonna lie. Awesome! - Atlur)

68 Delta-Pangaea (Ok I admit it, this made me giggle a bit - Arcum)

69 LeafGrowth (so many much scary monkey -Argembarger)

70 RaspleZS

71 FoxOfWar

72 041744

73 Thattagen (Best toy, hooves down. I love Lego - Atlur)

74 JimTheCactus (I'm pretty sure I played this game, except she was wearing roller skates -Argembarger)

75 Chromadancer

76 DarkKnightWolf2011

77 NightOfAccordianSax

78 nitron100

79 GiantMosquito (At least it isn't condensed -Argembarger)

80 ZeldaTheSwordsman

81 JeffMartinez (Trollestia strikes again! - Arcum)

82 ToyaBigEyes


  1. my picture has been doubled! :U

  2. @nitron100

    Double the picture, double the fun!
    (removed the duplicate)