Monday, 3 October 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 14

Lunar Apologist here, finally free from those darn ninjas! I'd tell you how I escaped, but I'm kinda hazy on most of the details, myself. All I know is that I had a bag on my head, and some ponies attacked where we were being held! There was lots of gunfire, some swordfighting, and lots of yelling "YAR!" by the one side.

It got pretty crazy, is what I'm saying!

Anyhow, I made a run for it in the confusion!

And once I got back to the ATG headquarters, I find out that you all refused to bow to the demands of ponynappers! In fact:


That's right: you all turned in a total of 107 entries, garnering a total of 89 points for pirates, and only 62 points for the ninjas! A total of 25 innocent bystander ponies were caught in the crossfire (not including the admins)! To this, I have one thing to say:


And now, let's see these fantastic entries that encouraged the pirates to attack the ninjas on our behalf!

...Wait, you mean the rest of the admins got ponynapped by the pirates? Darn it! Out of the frying pan and into the fire, I guess :(

1 Easteu (What else could this silent pony be, cross her and you'll be an amputee. - fetchbeer)

2 hip-indeed

3 MLP-Whiteout

4 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Pinkie was frightening enough. Putting blades on her hooves just makes it worse! - Arcum)

5 SportaTiffany (Boop boop beep bop, boop boop boop beep, bop, boop boop bop - Arcum)

6 PulsarAscension ( Keep your filthy hooves off Tom! Rarity knows where you live! - Arcum)

7 garyye (Pinkie would make a very interesting pirate. A very very interesting pirate. - Arcum)

8 M4st3rCh1ef (Derpy must be peg leg the pirate. - Arcum)

9 Dwemergirl (If her cutie mark is a red X does that make her the treasure? - Arcum)

10 TheMellowSide

11 MaxAyson

12 PineappleSam ( )

13 FerrousOxideMolecule (A pony pirate dressed for combat, I don't think he has time to stay and chat. - fetchbeer)

14 DI-FL

15 RyuuKiba

16 SamuelEAllen ( Oh Pinkie, you never cease to amuse me. - Arcum)

17 UltraFamicom (Dat DJ face. - Arcum)

18 garyye (Little does Spike know, Owlowisious has been expecting this from the beginning and is prepared to fight back. - Arcum)

19 hanswurst10 (A cabin pony brings the spyglass, too slow and the captain will harass. - fetchbeer)

20 Alipes (First made Madam La Flour! I wouldn't mind being part of the crew on that ship! - Arcum)

21 FoxOFWar

22 MateusUK (A cabin pony brings the spyglass, too slow and the captain will harass. - fetchbeer)

23 ColinMLP (Being able to fly must make it an easier life for a pirate. - Arcum)

24 Doppelgangsta

25 JimTheCactus (Pinkie is in her facts quite correct, a ninja clad in pajamas would get no respect. - fetchbeer)

26 nascarfan38124

27 zwivel

28 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Who knew a ninja pony would keep a dog as a pet, though a canine could be quite a threat. - fetchbeer)

29 thedeseasedcow (This is a really nice pose and good use of canvas space. - Arcum)

30 Goggle Sparks

31 Alipes (This ninja stalks a precious fowl, earlier she bagged an owl. - fetchbeer)

32 RydelFox (This brings back so many memories... - Arcum)

33 Baisre

34 sbshouseofpancakes (Celestia on a chest of treasure lounging, having fun on her pirate outing. - fetchbeer)

35 Rhanoa (I love the use of an older image and spinning it off to work with the theme. Really nice idea - Arcum)

36 BrainDps (No Derpy, YOU ARE THE MUFFIN! - Arcum)

37 Acceleron (A pony ninja peeks through the ceiling, to see what that stick human finds appealing. - fetchbeer)

38 Otterlore

39 ShukinTheFox

"40 Invidlord (Luna quietly stalks the darkened night, though if she finds anypony she'd still be polite. - fetchbeer)

41 Nun2artzy

42 TheParagon (Spa worker by day, Ninja by night. Lotus would make a good ninja I think. - Arcum)

43 Easteu (Twilight looks quite suspicious of her rocky loot, for Rarity stole her gems to use on a suit. - fetchbeer)

44 VirgaRainboom (This is a really well drawn image I must say. I love the use of smoke and the action lines. - Arcum)

45 NikkuWalkanov (This is a great pose. Pinkie have a great sense of presence in this drawing. - Arcum

46 Atlur

47 JunaECBS (That pony can sure kick that cannonball quite far, I wonder what she could do with tar. - fetchbeer)

48 TheRecliner27

49 MoonlightScribe (A drunken pirate Trixie? I can't say I expected to ever see this. - Arcum)

50 MoonlightScribe (Is that a dodo lurking in the trees? Or was that just leaves blowing in the breeze? - fetchbeer)

51 GiantMosquito

52 DarkKnightWolf2011

53 Whispatchet (Sail your cloud ship through the sky, just waiting till some treasure you do spy! - fetchbeer)

54 Kampzvono

55 toonboy92484

56 NightOfAccordionSax (Poor Lunar captured by ninja mimes, maybe they can be bribed with limes. - fetchbeer)

57 brokenhero0409

58 KuroiTsubasaTenshi ( Umm... No I don't think it would be alright... - Arcum)

59 bluefiresword (With cloud cannons Dash will win the day, and those scurvy knaves will soon pay! - fetchbeer)

60 Nowler

61 NME-NRG (Oh nice one of each! Thats cool time to... wait what? Who is what now? 6_9 - Arcum)

62 Prismatic-Pretzel (With an iron hoof she rules the skies, but how does she see with two patched eyes? - fetchbeer)

63 Desaster-Master

64 egophiliac

65 RunbowDash (This pony gives me the evil eye, I think he wants to make me into a zebra bonsai. - fetchbeer)

66 kitsuneymg (Scoot how did you manage to get that injury? - Arcum)

67 Anjeka

68 Jdan-S (Yet again I hear that cursed shanty, I'll fix this with a nice glass of Chianti! - fetchbeer)

69 LoveTheMess

70 Chromadancer ( Pinkie seems all set for a suprise party attack. Everything is all set for her to strike! - Arcum)

71 DarkKnightWolf2011 (A small ninja stands her weapons ready, surely no other chicken is this deadly. - fetchbeer)

72 Dwemergirl

73 StyxD

74 VirgaRainboom (This tiny pirate is in search of booty, for plot is surely a thing of beauty. - fetchbeer)

75 Sir-Dangereaux

76 larrle

77 necrodios (The ninjas are hired by the RIAA, so that copyright violators will surely pay. - fetchbeer)

78 Tecknojock

79 Wolferahm

80 demented-Mr-Paulsen (That ninja better move pretty quick, I'm pretty sure this is a pirate trick. - fetchbeer)

81 Naytree

82 ThisNameIsNotProfane

83 041744 (A ninja flies with her blade bared, she will surely take her target unprepared. fetchbeer)

84 Gadvac

85 ShukinTheFox

86 kitsuneymg (To avert the warming of the planet, these fillies would even steal a pomegranate! - fetchbeer)

87 kitsuneymg

88 LeafGrowth

89 TheRecliner27 (On a beam this ninja does wait, below there is a muffin which serves as bait. - fetchbeer)

90 Delta-Pangaea

91 RaspleZS

92 Philith (How else do you explain Luna's disappearing, other than hiding behind a drum when the camera is nearing. - fetchbeer)

93 DarkKnightWolf2011

94 GiantMosquito

95 FoxOFWar (A ninja stands upon a ponies head, and now he wishes he stayed in bed. - fetchbeer)

96 JeffMartinez


98 OceanWarriorZ (This gray pony spies her prey, that giant muffin will not survive the day. - fetchbeer)

99 ikillyou121


101 remenescent (A pony swings from sheet to sheet, as gravity she tries to cheat! - fetchbeer)

102 Muffinsforever

103 Fox-E

104 TerribleTransit (A pony ninja lurks up near the ceiling, something precious she must be stealing. - fetchbeer)

105 Fatum--Inanis

106 HarrowTPrower

107 A1CZERO (This pinky pony has an evil clone, although which one is bad is not known. - fetchbeer)

108 AmbroseButtercrust

109 Easteu (Ninja'd - Atlur)


  1. Number 61 here!

    "Oh nice one of each! Thats cool time to... wait what? Who is what now? 6_9"

    Pinkie Pie's art comment: Du-uh obviously, Derpy is a pirate dressed like a ninja, and Screwie is a ninja dressed like a pirate

  2. I tried, ninjas. I tried. Please don't hurt me.

  3. Well, this was a very fun week. Great work everypony, I'm proud as ever to be among you.
    Though I believe at leas two entries are missing (should be after #46):


  4. #47 here...

    I thought that if I had updated the picture before the Wrap-Up, it would show here updated...

  5. Thanks for pointing that out, Easteu. Ninja-edit!