Sunday, 10 June 2012

Week 50 Wrap-Up

Oh goodness, ponies, this is going to be a short one this week; because as Illidan liked to tell me, I am not prepared.

Really, though, I do want to say that I am just stoked about the number of Minecraft ponies in here, and, as a hardcore Tolkeinophile, any Lord of the Rings references have a special place in my heart.  Beyond that, I'm glad that so many of you took creative routes as well - I see you there, hipster ponies.

But above all, I'm just happy to see you all participating and growing in this group :)  (Sorry, I'm still a little mushy from the bonus theme).

Anyhow, enough rambling from me; on with the show!

01. Larrle

(In his spelunking this pony does elate, except of course when a nearby creeper detonates. - fetchbeer)

02. ~pinkypies

(Diggy diggy holes, diggy holes! -Lunar)

03. Predelnik

05. 13era

(This is the worst prank to play.  By which I mean the best. -Lunar)

06. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

(Scratch is to famous to be underground, no more famous DJ unicorn could be found. - fetchbeer)

07. Hazzdawg

(We're glad to have you with us :) -Lunar)

08. Coin-Trip39

(Strange things are lurking in the dark, be very glad of your lantern's spark. - fetchbeer)

09. SamuelEAllen

(This made me chuckle! -Lunar)

10. LendABit

(Little Scootaloo likes her drill, to get her cutey mark this way would bring a thrill. - fetchbeer)

11. PnFink

12. demented-Mr-Paulsen

(I wonder what pony occupies this tomb, and just how long they've been in gloom. - fetchbeer)

13. fiendaffliction

(Eerie and beautiful! -Lunar)

14. Runbow Dash

(There is a spy who lurks in Ponyville, though they've hid themselves with quite some skill. - fetchbeer)

15. pozdn9k

16. hip-indeed

(Yours is the drill that will pierce the heavens! -Lunar)

17. Amehdaus

(Though this pony seems to slumber in the cave of Plato, I thought she wanted to be a tree not a potato. - fetchbeer)

18. ZeldaTheSwordsman

19. GoggleSparks

(At the border the zebra stops, while his precious booze evades the cops. - fetchbeer)

20. The Laughing Horror

( D: -Lunar)

21. The Laughing Horror

(This is just ADORABLE! -Lunar)

22. Rekiara

(These fillies sure love their alliteration, though I am glad this is not incarceration. - fetchbeer)

23. Rosemary Thyme

24. VegemiteGuzzler

(Love the perspective in this one. -Lunar)

25. VegemiteGuzzler

(So this is where Trixie did escape, at her comfort as a seat I am agape. - fetchbeer)

26. Schluberlubs

27. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

28. DanTR (a.k.a Eliel Micmás)

(So lucky to find crystals here, while the surface is still near! - fechbeer)

29. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

(Good boy! -Lunar)

30. BrokenHero0409

31. Acceleron

(With their fluorescence these gems daze, with these every color they do blaze. - fetchbeer)

32. TerribleTransit

33. Philith

(Yesssssss! -Lunar)

34. Delta Pangaea

35. Invidlord

(This also made me chuckle.  Something about Derpy! -Lunar)

36. SeaBastian

(Underground enough for me ;) -Lunar)

37. Lunar Apologist

(What have you unearthed in your frantic excavation? Have you now causes the ruin of the pony nation? - fetchbeer)

38. Prismatic Pretzel


39. NightOfAccordionSax

(Are you sure you want to venture into the dark, wouldn't you like it more at noon and in a park? - fetchbeer)

40. Im-Not-Sue

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