Sunday, 17 June 2012

Week 51 Wrap-Up


Who are of the opposite sex of what they usually are.

What more needs said?  Feast your eyes, ponyfolk!  FEAST, I say!

01. Hazzdawg

(Silly Hazzdawg, no need for broken egos! -Lunar)

02. Legeden

03. SamuelEAllen

04. Ninjacookie19

(I like these two much more as mares, and now new marks will be caught unawares! - fetchbeer)

05. Cynos-Zilla

06. GoggleSparks

(That smirk must make the fillies faint, I sure hope he can use restraint! - fetchbeer)

07. Aymspony

(What am I going to do with all these jellies?  This is way too much for my toast. -Lunar)

08. AmbroseButtercrust

09. TheSkitzoGamer

(D: and :( at the same time! -Lunar)

10. Runbow Dash

(Poor Spike raised by those ignorant of dragon ways, maybe it's better not to take in strays. - fetchbeer)

11. hip-indeed

12. brookedaninja

13. The Laughing Horror

14. The Laughing Horror

(All those years of wanting bows, now Big Mac's true love finally shows! - fetchbeer)

15. RookieOwl

16. Mortris

17. fiendaffliction

18. MateusUK

(Braeburn looks much better as a filly, as a Stallion he just seemed silly. - fetchbeer)

19. Rosemary Thyme

20. BrokenHero0409

(Did their music preferences change, or did only their genders become strange? - fetchbeer)

21. BrokenHero0409

22. Jezendar

23. DShou/DSkyo

(Every crusader now has a male clones? Have they wandered into Twilight's zone? - fetchbeer)

24. Predelnik

25. Schluberlubs

26. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

27. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

(Why are filly ponies always cuter? To much d'aw sends me into a stupor! - fetchbeer)

28. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

29. MoonlightScribe

30. Acceleron

(Such a lovely stallion pile, I'll just stay here and watch a while. - fetchbeer)

31. Delta Pangaea

32. Fetchbeer

33. Amehdaus

34. Lamia

(So if Trixie is already male, how does he hide that one detail? - fetchbeer)

35. Invidlord

36. EricaC78

37. EricaC78

(I just knew that Shining Armor had a naughty side, he just needed a spell to no longer hide. - fetchbeer)

38. Prismatic Pretzel

39. Aoshi Stark

(Who's THAT attractive-looking piece of hardware? -Trixingno)

41. Wolferahm

42. Coin-Trip39

(These two pairs look just so good, sibling love can't be misunderstood! - fetchbeer)


  1. Aw grundlemumf. I forgot.

  2. Any chance of mine being added even though it was half an hour late?