Sunday, 24 June 2012

Week 52 Wrap Up

All these ponies freefalling like it weren't no thang!  And, with that theme in the can, we have completed one year of the ATG!

I don't know about you, but the thought kinda makes me feel like I'm freefalling.  It's hard to believe it's been so long!  To think about all the artists and drawings and the sheer number of ponies that have passed through this blog since the beginning...

Well, it's a little humbling.

But, enough talk!  Have ponies!

01. Legeden

(Lets just hope that she learns to fly, for this balloon seems rather high! - fetchbeer)

02. MingoZK

03. Chroma_Hypoxia

04. Philith

(Of course this is what this foal deserves, for she's gotten on far to many nerves! - fetchbeer)

05. Coin-Trip39

(I hate these kind of dreams :\ -Lunar)

06. DShou/DSkyo

(Glad you're making use of those resources!  It looks great! -Lunar)

07. SamuelEAllen

(As she plummets with her sign, she needs some intervention quite divine! - fetchbeer)

08. Runbow Dash

09. Sokolas

(Pinky needs to be more careful when she sleeps in bed, otherwise she may fall and hurt her head. - fetchbeer)

10. brookedaninja

11. LendABit

(What other pony can fall with such style, of gravity she is in denial. - fetchbeer)

12. Jezendar

13. BluBlur

14. Jdan-S

(As she falls up to the stars, I wonder if she will pass Mars! - fetchbeer)

15. demented-Mr-Paulsen

(:( -Lunar)

16. Hazzdawg

17. fiendaffliction

18. PnFink

(Little Dash does enjoy her parachute, even when in unpowered flight she still is cute! - fetchbeer)

19. DarkMage2

20. Antosheek (anttosik)

21. hip-indeed

(Little Luna falling from the moon, if only she could float with a balloon! -fetchbeer)

22. Rosemary Thyme

23. Jezendar

24. GoggleSparks

(I'm not sure who will save the day, I just hope there is no delay! - fetchbeer)

25. Face-of-Moe

26. AmbroseButtercrust
Click through to DA page for animation.

(This poor pony forever falling, I hope her end is not appalling! - fetchbeer)

27. Predelnik

28. BrokenHero0409

(Pinkie Pie seems to have forgot her chute, her daring deeds I do salute! - fetchbeer)

29. Shveyk

(Nope, you had plenty of time :) -Lunar)

30. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

31. Wolferahm

(Quiet Fluttershy is a bit of a drama queen, even as she trips into the grass so green! - fetchbeer)

32. Actonawhim

33. pozdn9k

34. Thattagen

(Who else would be able to wrangle your time machine, Derpy probably wishes it was a submarine! - fetchbeer)

35. Prismatic Pretzel

36. Delta Pangaea

37. Acceleron

(Is there not enough room for 3 to ride? So they throw poor Scoots over the side? - fetchbeer)

38. Invidlord

39. ZeldaTheSwordsman

40. TerribleTransit

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