Sunday, 2 December 2012

Week 75 Wrap Up

Greetings everypony, and welcome!  Welcome to the 75th wrap up!

Wait, seriously?  We've gotten to 75 already?  Dang, you guys!  I'm not sure which is more impressive: that we've gotten here at all, or that despite going for so long, you all are still drawing!  Seriously, even if you've taken breaks, come to us later on, or whatever, that is an impressively long time to be doing this!  Give yourselves a hoof!

And with that, I think this week's theme was a pretty good one, don't you?  All you crafty ponies in for the long haul, drawing up some other crafty ponies doing crafts!

(I'm pretty sure there's an Inception joke or something in here, but I've got nothing.)

Anyway, we've got some great work this week, including some actual, IRL, hoof-crafted pony stuff.  So, let's skip the lollygaggin' and dive right in, shall we?

01. Fetchbeer

This is so rad I don't even! -Lunar

02. DAbestpony
Crafty and deceptive, Arnold's cousin Janet "draws" a legit cutie mark to fool everypony.

This foal tries to avoid conflict, but will the bullies be tricked? - fetchber

03. GoggleSparks

This... terrifies me, a little. -Lunar

04. ScuriLevenstein

From the zap apples he draws his power, and all foes should flee or cower! - fetchbeer

05. Runbow Dash

06. hip-indeed

From the paper she cuts her favorite thing,and indeed she cuts an entire string! - fetchbeer

07. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

08. SamuelEAllen
Running low on time and inspiration, so have some Trixie.

With her trinket revenge she craves, and the residents of Ponyville she'll make her slaves. - fetchbeer

09. BrokenHero0409

10. aj_joe
Rarity performing her best art.

With her deadline she is obsessed, and to meet it she'll do her best. - fetchbeer

11. AkiroAlpha

12. Philith

To the mirror she is so glued, that she doesn't notice that she's nude. - fetchbeer

13. Delta Pangaea

Aw yeah, makin' miniatures! -Lunar

14. A Brony Account

This is subtle, and completely, 100% adorable.  Great work :) -Lunar

15. phallen1
Nothing but the best magic armor for Rarity's friends!

16. Invidlord

17. ZeldaTheSwordsman

Seriously, you guys are the best :) Congrats on 75 weeks, and here's to many more!

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