Sunday, 16 December 2012

Week 77 Wrap Up

Heya, everypony!  Lunar Apologist here, and welcome to the weekly wrap up!  I hope you all don't mind, but it's going to be a bit... rambly tonight.  So, feel free to skip to the ponies if you don't want any of that.  I'm not offended!


Ah, the good ol' comfort zone.  There's something to be said for it.  You know that so long as you're in it, everything's going to go smoothly, nothing's going to be out of the ordinary.  It's such an easy place to want to stay in.  After all, when everything is smooth and easy and nothing hurts, why bother with anything else?  Heck, even if it's not so smooth and easy and painless - sometimes, just the routine itself wears a rut in your life that it can be difficult to see getting out of.

But let me tell you what - almost every really worthwhile experience I've ever had was outside my usual comfort zone.  Skydiving, traveling the world in places I didn't speak the language - and smaller things, too.  Every time I've ever grown - as an artist, as a person - it's because I stepped out of my comfort zone.

And that's what it really comes down to, here - when you stick to what you know, you don't really grow.  You never really expand what you know and what you can do.  Instead, you merely stay in the same place and refine what you already know.  Now, there's something to be said for that!  All skills need practice and refinement, and that comfort zone is a great place to work on polishing those up without worrying too much.  But if you want to do something new?  If you want to grow?  Ah, that's where you've got to leave that comfort behind.  And to that, I say: do it.

Take that step.  Get out of whatever comfortable little area you're in, and take a trip outside it.  While I can't guarantee that it's going to be without it's pains and stumbling blocks, I can guarantee you this:

It's going to be worth your while.

01. smega39

Poor Rarity is so degraded, but to watch she was persuaded. - fetchbeer

02. mrfancy
This is my first ever digital art! :D

Dang!  That's much better than my first attempts - thanks for sharing, and keep at it! :D -Lunar

03. Thoroclock

Poor Twilight needs her coffee high, otherwise her morning goes awry. - fetchbeer

04. SamuelEAllen

Yesssss, velocipedes! -Lunar

05. giantsquidie
My first ATG picture. I couldn't think of anything more out of her comfort zone than being Daring Do.

Of the jungle's creatures she's had enough, so much for it being rough. - fetchbeer

06. Sausesource
This is my first submission, hope i'm doing it right.

Welcome, and you absolutely are! :) -Lunar

07. xxxfluttershinexxx

In social settings she tries to hide, though some mean ponies would deride. - fetchbeer

08. DAbestpony
How can Dorothy Ann do her research without her books? :(

09. dorkas

I'm not about the ingredients he chose, and for dinner I wouldn't want to impose. - fetchbeer

10. Enduring Doodler

11. hip-indeed

At least the salt won't wake him shrivel, though sch a thing is still uncivil. - fetchbeer

12. GoggleSparks

13. ScuriLevenstein

This game is oh so quiet, at least the audience won't riot. - fetchbeer

14. Runbow Dash

15. Goobert Dinglebliss

Pinkie never likes to lose a friend, especially when they meet their end. - fetchbeer

16. socksthewarrior

17. Sturs
My Camera-Fu needs work.

As they flop upon the sand, they wish someone would lend a hand. - fetchbeer

18. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

19. Duerplol

These ponies just look a bit confused, but by their expressions I am amused. - fetchbeer

20. phallen1

21. ZeldaTheSwordsman

The ocean is not a thing to fear, though I enjoy it more while on a pier. - fetchbeer

22. Firehazard14
Rarity had for years labored under the delusion that I was not only perpetually four years old, but also...a filly. (From: A Christmas Story)

23. A Brony Account

Poor Derpy's muffins now illicit? We'll soon hear speech that is explicit! - fetchbeer

24. Philith

That poor draconequus :( -Lunar

25. Delta Pangaea

I'd rather keep the ground beneath my hooves, I don't think this my courage proves. - fetchbeer

26. Spark Burst

Haha, I love how obliviously happy Derpy and Scoots look here! -Lunar

27. BrokenHero0409

28. Invidlord
Out of my comfort zone fast-sketch panic of out of her comfort zone panicked Fluttershy.

And yet I think this is lovely! Well done! -Lunar

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