Sunday, 23 December 2012

Week 78 wrap up

Heya, everypony!  I'll keep it short and sweet this week, since we're all busy with places to be and people to see!  I hope you all have fun times planned for the weeks ahead, and I have to say thank you once again!  Thanks so much for all of you for making the time to participate in the ATG during this busiest month of the year!  It means a lot to me and the other admins to see you all keeping at it!

Happy Holidays, everypony!

01. AaronMk

This is one of the coolest poster-style ponies I've seen in a long time.  Seriously great work! -Lunar

02. smega39

So cool! :O -Lunar

03. SamuelEAllen
It's hard to look your usual fabulous self when your taking a bite out of one of your boots.

A... fashion emergency, perhaps?  -Lunar

05. EmeraldTear

Aww~ :) -Lunar

05. Sausesource
Diamond Tiara, best pony? No. High on the list? Yeh.

So... adorable!  -Lunar

06. Goobert Dinglebliss

"Really?  A rosé?  Pish-posh, sir!" -Lunar

07. Applestack (K4nK4n at deviantART)
My ponysona, Applestack (left), and her dangerous other self, Applegoth (right).

She looks a little... unhinged!  (Love the expressions! :D) -Lunar

08. cassy1235

09. dorkas

10. ScuriLevenstein

11. GoggleSparks

12. Sausesource

Cheers! :D -Lunar

13. Horned Sheep
Just... wat

14. xxxfluttershinexxx

15. Still Waters

16. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

17. ArmoredPegasus

18. DAbestpony
Besides being the King of Puns, Carlos is also good at inventing. He created his own instrument so that he can perform with his friends at the concerto.

That looks very complex! :O -Lunar

19. Runbow Dash

20. Duerplol

AJ is best pony (at ruining things) -Lunar

21. Sokolas

This is really well-done!  I love the look you've given her mane! :D -Lunar

22. Delta Pangaea

NOW KISS. -Lunar

23. GvimBlade

This is... cute and terrifying at the same time. -Lunar

24. BrokenHero0409

This is... really something.  Nice work! -Lunar

25. hip-indeed

This is both hilarious, and something I can totally see happening! -Lunar

26. mrfancy

No!  I... I won't believe it! -Lunar

27. Firehazard14
Christmas bells, those Christmas bells, Ringing through the land...

This is funnier and more adorable than it has any right to be! -Lunar

28. AmbroseButtercrust
with apologies to Dr. Seuss

...And they say her heart grew three sizes that day; but mostly because she wanted it to be, what with being a changeling and all. -Lunar

29. Philith

Heeeeeeeere's PINKIE -Lunar

30. The Laughing Horror
The mirror pool can be a very scary thing

31. Invidlord

I see what you did there! -Lunar

32. ZeldaTheSwordsman

33. NovaMarcellus

34. A Brony Account

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