Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Hearts and Hooves Day!

Happy Hearts and Hooves Day, everypony!  I hope you're spending it with that special somepony; and if not, then I hope that at least you're able to send some love to those ponies who mean a lot to you :)

And thanks so much for participating, everypony!  It means a lot to me to see this group keep going the way it has :)



1. ChiaroA
Looking a bit worried there, Rarity... (I don't blame you!)

2. Geoberos
What, for me?  Aww, thanks, Twi! :3

3. Wicked-Brew
...I already said I'd take it, Twilight.  You don't need to do the checklist.

4. Wicked-Brew
You... might want to think about pacing yourself there, Pinkie.  Your pancreas will thank you.

5. KuroiTsubasaTenshi
Adorable! :)

6. TheHazelnutMutt
This is really cute!

7. neodorkas
I don't think that's going to make it better! D:

8. Hip-Indeed
Shush and take your hug, Pinkamena! :)

9. giantsquidie

10. Invidlord
A fun take on a classic scene!  I like it :)

11. scurilevensteinother   
Aww, don't be sad, I'll be your Heart's Hooves!  Or... whatever it's called!

12. Kupomoty
<3, Big Mac

13. Invidlord

14. GoggleSparks
Yes.  Yes I will.  Now c'mere, I'mma huggle you!

15. Wicked-Brew
Aw, way to make it up to Rarity after that first picture, Spike!

16. Philith
Oh gosh, it moves.  IT MOVES, GUYS.  /dies of a heart attack from cuteness

17. RookieOwl
D'aww, that's really sweet :)

18. Theunluckycat
And the same to you! <3

19. Ambrose Buttercrust  
:O  This is gorgeous!

20. Trixingno

Don't get down!  You'll each find somepony/body!

22 SamuelEAllen
It's okay!  Have hugs instead!  *hugs*  

23 HornedSheep
 Eep! D:

24 Jezendar
 So much d'aww :)

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