Sunday, 24 February 2013

Week 87 Wrap Up

Say...  If it isn't my old nemesis, a truck the wrap up!


Seriously, I don't know what it is about this format that makes these so hard to write!  Maybe it's Blogger's compositional layout - all blank white space and sparse menu text and buttons.  Trying to get started on anything in here is like trying to make that first brushstroke on a blank canvas.  You know it's not really going to matter, but it feels like the most monumental, important thing in the world at that moment.  That if you do it wrong, everything is ruined forever.


Time to make a mark, even if it turns out to be a mistake.  Except I already have, kinda.  Shush.

Anyway!  As always, it's great to see stuff from you guys!  I don't know if anyone really bothers looking at the wrap up anymore, but I think it's really neat to see everyone's interpretations of the theme, all arranged together.  It's fun to see the difference in interpretation, in development, in technique and style!

Which is another reason I think it's valuable to get them all together like this - when you see the various different ways people approached the same theme you worked on, you can pick out clever ideas, interesting techniques, and general style that you like, and can work at applying all that in your own stuff!  And really, that's what these wrap ups are for - not just to show it all off at once, but also to help everyone as an artist!  The best way to improve generally isn't to work in a vacuum, after all; you'll do much better by observation and adaptation of things that you like or think are done well. :)

So, let's get to looking and see if there's anything that strikes our fancy, shall we?

(Also, I'm doing the post and the comments this week, so I'm not going to bother marking them with my name :P)

01. ChaoticDiscord
Caution: Has a sad meaning behind it

I'm interested to know what the story is for this one!

02. BrokenHero0409

03. ChaoticDiscord

04. hip-indeed

05. GoggleSparks
What's the best thing to do while sitting on rice? Drinking rice tea, of course XD

I see what you did there!

06. ganonlink

I liked the story behind this one!

07. EnduringDoodler

08. dorkas

Pony crampons! :O  So cool!

09. ScuriLevenstein

Silly Lyra!  Clouds aren't for (unicorn) sitting!

10. Cobralash

11. Norque

I really, really like this - it's simple but expressive and exultant.  Really great work :)

12. Quill
This was literally the first thought I had when I saw 'on the rise'.

13. JunaE_CBS

14. A Brony Account

I love the crispness of your inks, as well as the general design and flow of the piece!  Also, yesssss, old-school Luna mane! :D

15. AaronMk

This was ambitious for you, and I'm glad you tried it!  It makes me happy to see folks branch out :)

16. Mortris

I approve of this! :D

17. DAbestpony
Phoebe's anti-gravitational attempt to ascend to slam-dunk history.

18. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

19. phallen1
This is what happens when you ask a pegasus what it's like to fly free.

20. lordbababa

haha, Spike's expression cracks me up XD

21. Gikima

22. CaptainBoat

23. IDon'tKn0ow

She's just so happy! :D

24. cobralash

Aw, this is kinda sweet <3

25. IceOfWaterflock

This is has great emotion and a really interesting look - I'd love to see it rendered even further!

26. colgatetail

You can do it, Scoots!

27. dorkas

28. Philith

I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read the dA description. I snerked pretty good XD

29. Thattagen
The strongest pony just keeps getting stronger! Also, she's flying.

30. aj_joe
What better way to rise to the skies that firing yourself from a cannon, don't you think Twilight?

31. Delta Pangaea

32. Invidlord

"Higher than the sun!"
(Aw yeah, anime references that no one is going to get)

33. ZakSaturday2468

Your use of color is absolutely lovely. Really nice work :)

34. ZeldaTheSwordsman

awww yus, awards :D

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