Sunday, 17 February 2013

Week 86 Wrap Up

Hello ponies... I regret to inform you that Lunar has been attacked by the homework monster this week, so he won't be here to congratulate you on all the clumsy ponies you drew for us. So many ponies that seem to be tripping over their own hooves, it seems like they should be used to that by now, it's not like they just grew more appendages. But anyway, very well done, I've never seen such an awkward bunch gathered in one place before. And that was certainly enough rambling from a certain stripey zebra, so now for the ponies!

01. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

Who could say no to those eyes and mane, nopony with even half a brain. - fetchbeer

02. The Laughing Horror
Those awkward teenage years :(

03. hip-indeed

Fall into this ponies swirling eyes, surely that craziness is just a guise. - fetchbeer

04. ChaoticDiscord
Muffins! :3

05. DAbestpony
This was awkwardly submitted after Hearts and Hooves Day.

Being hit on by colts can make one troubled, but you might want their attentions doubled. - fetchbeer

06. SamuelEAllen
That awkward moment when somepony tries to co-opt your signature style.

07. Random Dash

Who packs an anvil so that it may fall! It's not like it's something safe and small! - fetchbeer

09. demented-Mr-Paulsen
i've got deadspace on my mind

There is nothing in this pony's mind, at least nothing for this computer to find. - fetchbeer

10. Schluberlubs

11. ScuriLevenstein

A bandage is not quite a horn, but you are close enough to an alicorn. - fetchbeer

12. aj_joe
Nanites, Y U NO work properly?

13. Invidlord

Twilight seems not yet to learned to fly, for her course has gone awry. - fetchbeer

14. Delta Pangaea

15. ganonlink

By this parasprite she's been confused, though I think for this she can be excused. - fetchbeer

16. GoggleSparks

17. Philith

Even sleeping her wings are aroused, before bed some good books she must have browsed. - fetchbeer

18. Horned Sheep
If you're a crappy cook and you know it, clap your hooves! If you're a crappy cook and you know it, clap your hooves! If you're a crappy cook and you know it, then your face will surely show it If you are a crappy cook and you know it, clap your hooves.

19. BrokenHero0409

AJ seems to lack coordination, and ends up falling to others elation. - fetchbeer

20. A Brony Account

21. AaronMk
Pony Dawson is always awkward, in any and every situation.

22. ZeldaTheSwordsman


  1. Oopsies, I must have messed something up. xD first time entering in stuff, so #4 and #8 are both mine. Sorry! ^^;

    1. No worries, I usually check a bit better when I am looking at these, I just got in a bit of a rush and missed it.