Sunday, 3 February 2013

Week 84 Wrap Up

Myths and legends.  There's something about them that continues to fascinate and enthrall us, even when we have no particular cultural connection to them.  If I actually spent any time planning these blogs before I sat down to write them, I'd probably have done research for this particular one.  Is it something about the narratives of these myths that continues to resonate with us?  Or is it the all-too-familiar flaws of the supposedly-superior beings that are in them?  Do they play on fears, hopes, dreams?  All of these?  None of them?  Am I rambling?

While I can't definitively answer most of the above, I can give a pretty solid "yes" to the last question. :P

So, rather than reading any more of that, why don't we get on with it and look at all the wonderful ponies you all have drawn for us this week?

01. ZakSaturday2468
February's coming up so how about goddess of love and beauty Venus?

Behold the beauty that is this mare, all who see her it does ensnare. -fetchbeer

02. DreamSnake

03. dorkas

This pony embodies the arts of war, nopony else has seen such horror. - fetchbeer

04. DAbestpony
Cupid, the Roman God of Love.

05. Cobralash

Rarity always enjoys her nightly swims, especially now that she has fins. - fetchbeer

06. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

07. M3ales

At last this little filly gets to fly, with her big sister up in the sky! - fetchbeer

08. hip-indeed

09. BrokenHero0409

From the sky the come to earth, to take those who have shown their worth. - fetchbeer

10. The Laughing Horror

11. The Laughing Horror
Ares vs. a Titan

Such creatures ruled for far too long, until along came deities who were quite strong. - fetchbeer

12. demented-Mr-Paulsen

13. aj_joe
Um....Would you mind looking into my eyes so I can turn you into stone? I mean....if you are okay with that.

I really like her snakey hair, but to brushie it I wouldn't dare. - fetchbeer

14. lauani
Have some shiny mythology

15. SamuelEAllen
Mermaids (of all kinds) are considered mythological figures, right?

A fish head with a pony rear, from this pond I'll steer clear... - fetchbeer

16. GoggleSparks
Could this be a legendary sea dragon pony!?

17. ScuriLevenstein

This creature lurks within a cave, is there a maiden I need to save? - fetchbeer

18. dorkas

19. Philith

And this fair maiden is chained to stones, but will someone save her before she's naught but bones? - fetchbeer

20. Invidlord
A Changeling Changeling.

21. AkiroAlpha
Feedback and critique requested and appreciated

All these wings on this serene form, where she is from is this the norm? - fetchbeer

22. phallen1
Do not pursue Lu Bu. Trust me on this.

23. Mortris

So many legs on this little foal, so many hooves to control! - fetchbeer

24. dddlicious

25. thedeseasedcow

Forging lightning to make displays, lets hope that in the sky it stays! - fetchbeer

26. CaptainBoat

27. Greeny-Nyte

A pony centaur is rather strange, hooved arms are indeed a change! - fetchbeer!

28. A Brony Account

29. ZeldaTheSwordsman

30. TheBigApple

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