Sunday, 10 February 2013

Week 85 Wrap Up

Greetings, everypony!  Welcome to this week's edition of the wrap up blog!  I don't know about all of you, but I've had the Time Warp stuck in my head all week long.  I mean, not that I really mind or anything; I wouldn't have suggested the theme if I did!  And while we didn't have many dancing ponies this week, we did end up with a goodly amount of Doctors and other time-benders, including several I wouldn't have even considered.  Very well done, everypony!  Congrats on finishing out another week, and I hope to see you back here again next week!

Or... last week that will become next week when we travel to it.  Or is it next week that's this week?  Man, time travel, why you gotta be so confusing?

Anyway, regardless of the week we happen to find ourselves in or around, let's have some ponies! :D

Gallery for Week 58

01. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi
Planeswalker Twi is go.

As waves crash this pony stares, no ocean catches her unawares! - fetchbeer

03. DAbestpony
The Buttered Cat Paradox

I did not know Rarity was one for science, but from now on from her cat she'll get defiance. - fetchbeer

04. SamuelEAllen
Sorry. Had to be done.

05. GoggleSparks

Some ponies are their own worst enemy, and from themselves they should then flee. - fetchbeer

06. dorkas

07. ScuriLevenstein

Pinkies charts just hurt my brain, what is so hard for her to explain? - fetchbeer

08. Cobralash

09. Philith

Stuck in a phone booth through the ages, no wonder why Discord still has rages. - fetchbeer

10. aj_joe
Everyone is panicking about Twilight becoming an Alicorn, while I'm just sit here practicing how to draw her in her future time traveling alter ego XD

11. Maddog10_20
Lyra meets Alphonse...

As a human this pony passes, at least for those who don't need glasses. - fetchbeer

12. AaronMk
Feno's Paradox at its most extreme.

13. Schluberlubs
Lyra is the one.

In slow motion she dodges pies, but will she save us from our demise? - fetchbeer

14. WolfmotherDragon
Twilight Sparkle witnesses a bright explosion in the sky and a burning projectile impacting the ground. She investigates and stumbles onto a purple alicorn bearing the same cutie mark as hers. She isn't sure what to think. This didn't really come out like I hoped it would, but I'll post it anyway.

15. AmbroseButtercrust
But did Pinkie bake a pie for herself?!

Will this pony stare or eat, if she does both it's kind of neat. - fetchbeer

16. Invidlord

17. hip-indeed

Your future self makes little sense, but now we wait with much suspense. - fetchbeer

18. Delta Pangaea

19. phallen1
Twilight Sparkle, meet Evening Star. You've traded minds and are trapped in each others' worlds, with friends you recognize but don't and a body you're not used to. Have fun!

Poor Twilight in a strange place without a horn, soon she will feel quite forlorn. - fetchbeer

20. Gemini Shadows
It's just a jump to the left!

21. A Brony Account

Past Twilight must be confused, but now the timeline has been too much abused! - fetchbeer

22. ZeldaTheSwordsman

23. Thattagen
Why oh why didn't I take the blue pill?


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