Thursday, 15 September 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 12, Day 4

Hello again, my little ponies! We've got another great gallery of pony pictures for you today! It's kinda nice, getting to post one of these every day. There is a certain allure to it. However, I'm sure it would get old fast, and nopony would want to listen to me ramble on and on every day, so it's a good thing we're only doing this daily thing for a week. Plus, some of the other adminponies will probably less disposed than they are, and will likely do some writing as well. Enjoy the Atlur-blogs while they last, hah :b Really though, with ponies like Kits and Argembarger doing a bunch of writing and things, I think they're much more qualified for this job than me. Actually, probably everypony else in the admin group is more qualified for writing than I am. I went to school for engineering, and engineers aren't exactly known for being the most eloquent or loquacious of ponies.

Ah, but I've lost track of why we're all here today. Why, we're here for a certain white unicorn, of course. Perhaps you've seen her walking about Ponyville. You'd certainly notice her, with her hip fashion sense. It draws all the right kinds of attention. Sometimes it's something as simple as a giant hat, or a nice saddlebag. Other times it's a full ensemble with matching jewelry. Either way, she always dresses in style. Of course I'm talking about Rarity! With her perfectly curled purple mane and alluring eyes, she can be a bit difficult to capture in art, but you ponies have managed to do an outstanding job, producing 73 pictures of the hottest fashion designer in Ponyville (are there other fashion designers in Ponyville? I suppose it doesn't matter, as they would surely not be as skilled as Rarity). From the looks of things, we've also got a lot of marshmallows in the gallery. I can't say I'm surprised.

As always, our regular base of operations can be found over on deviantArt here:

Hoo... I already talked quite a bit during the intro, didn't I? So I suppose you don't really need more out of me. I will say, I could stand for a change in weather. Right now it's just hot and humid, all the time. Back home, it's started to get cold, and I've heard there was even some snow up in the mountains. I am jealous of their weather right now. I am definitely a jacket-weather pony. And I have so many of them, too! So hopefully things start to cool down here eventually. I may need to have a talk with some pegasi...

Oh! Right! I must again thank Arcum and Delta Pangaea for helping with the comments today! You ponies rock!

Well, without further distraction, I present to you the wonderful stylings of Rarity!

1 kibihascrashed (Even as a filly she seeks a prince or lord, though I'm not sure if she seeks the title or the treasure hoard. - fetchbeer)

2 SamuelEAllen

3 MLP-Whiteout (I don't know if Rarity will want another s'more ever again. - Arcum)

4 darth-franny (My dearest Rarity, stop looking at me like that its creeping me out - Arcum)

5 BrainDps (I would say that Rarity is looking at her good side, but this is Rarity we are talking about. She has no bad sides. - Arcum)

6 RatofDrawn

7 NikkuWalkanov (Surely no other pony could look this magnificent, than this dress designer who is also brilliant! - fetchbeer)

8 lozfoe444 (Standing tall and proud. - Arcum)

9 larrle (I'm going to refrain from making an 'X is SPAI' joke here. - Delta Pangaea

10 Alipes (Knowing a spell to find gems must be really useful for her line or work. Makes you wonder though how pricey gems are if you can find them just about anywhere. -Arcum)

11 AdamRBi (Why thank you big marshmallow pony. - Arcum)

12 EricaC78

13 FracturedCB (Well you got your wish Rarity. All eyes are on you. - Arcum)

14 Easteu (Oooh, classy! - Delta Pangaea)

15 MoonlightScribe

16 MoonlightScribe (8-ball, corner pocket! - Delta Pangaea)

17 vapgames (Trollestia be trollin' again - Arcum)

18 FoxOFWar (Ooh, this turned out great! - Atlur)

19 egophiliac (Old tattered brown is the new black. - Arcum)

20 Minority119

21 StyxD

22 AmbroseButtercrust (Rarity admires her new shiny necklace, just look at that joy upon her face! -fetchbeer)

23 brokenhero0409

24 Otterlore (Aww, this is very cute. I love Rarity's expression - Atlur)

25 necrodios (I am sad now. - Delta Pangaea)

26 Sir-Dangereaux (Such fabulosity takes hard work, you know! - Delta Pangaea)

27 Nullh

28 TheMellowSide (Oh no! Rarity's mane! oh well just wait for the the camera to get off of her for a few moments and I'm sure it will be good as new. - Arcum)

29 JunaECBS

30 aoshistark (Problem? - Arcum) (Nope, no problems here! - Delta Pangaea)

31 sbshouseofpancakes

32 Invidlord (This would actually be interesting to see as a stained glass window. - Arcum)

33 Tecknojock

34 ThisNameIsNotProfane (At your first Wacom sketch you did quite well, at this I predict you will excel! - fetchbeer)

35 hip-indeed

36 TheParagon (Magical Precision is harder than you'd think. - Delta Pangaea)

37 Naytree

38 LeafGrowth (The ponies seem to have gotten together to film a show, though I am unsure of what is happening in this tableaux. - fetchbeer)

39 UltraFamicom (Clearly she is excited that we drew so many pictures of her today :) - Atlur)

40 RiokennG3 (Having one of those lazy days Rarity? I get them a lot. - Arcum)

41 toonboy92484 (These two things make quite a pairing, though I'm sure some ponies are at me glaring. - fetchbeer)

42 demented-Mr-Paulsen

43 hayhedgehoghay (She seems to be disturbed by some kind of fashion crime, soon it's wearer will be doing time! - fetchbeer)

44 TealDragon44

45 Chromadancer (You devious rapscallion, you! - Delta Pangaea)

46 spartianfox (This pony with a gun does cause some worry, I wonder what is behind this sudden fury. - fetchbeer)

47 JimTheCactus



50 Goggle Sparks (What a day to relax upon the beach, I wonder if for lunch she brought a peach. - fetchbeer)

51 Fetchbeer (Dat marshmallow flank! - Delta & Arcum)

52 ErgoCogito (Little known fact: After Sonic Rainboom, Rarity discovered a love of skydiving. - Delta Pangaea)

53 Delta-Pangaea (Rarity seems to be indeed surprised! Probably at some new fashion she has devised! - fetchbeer)

54 DarkKnightWolf2011

55 041744 (Growing up only means a better vocabulary. - Delta Pangaea)

56 Wolferahm (Spike you lucky dog. - Arcum)

57 RydelFox (Definitely the best dressed at the Gala. Prince Blueblood doesn't know what he is missing. - Arcum)

58 PajiPants (I'm reminded of the Administrator. She also wears purple... COINCIDENCE?! I think not... - Delta Pangaea)

59 VirgaRainboom

60 Atlur (I can imagine Rarity doing this and making car noises. - Delta Pangaea)

61 Prismatic-Pretzel

62 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

63 TerribleTransit

64 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Rarity yells about a stupid stone, on me that meme has slowly grown. - fetchbeer)

65 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

66 Fox-E

67 Midnight Shadoo (I do hope your foal's hoof was not injured badly, hospital trips so often end rather sadly. - fetchbeer)

68 RaspleZS

69 remenescent

70 Muffinsforever

71 ikillyou121


73 HarrowTPrower


75 JeffMartinez


  1. Great work as always, everypony!
    Atlur (and whoever else is involved in the recent wrap-ups), thank you for your blog posts.

  2. Cool, I am gonna blow your heads off with Daaaw on Fluttershy.

    Also, I fixed my drawing so the link is wrong.

  3. You guys so totally captured the awesomeness that is Rarity. I'm proud of you. :D