Sunday, 11 September 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 11

Everypony! Argembarger here!

For some reason, I've been trusted with doing the wrap-up all on my own! Here's hoping I don't crash and fail miserably, earning the ire and loathing of everypony involved in the pathetic farce that I create.

This week's theme was "Pony Fighting a Villein"

Yeah! Take out all of those nasty villeins! How dare they act as tenant farmers in a feudal society?? We'll show them a thing or two! We'll give 'em the right hook, and the uppercut! Boom, POW! HOW YOU GONNA FARM WITH A BROKEN FACE?? HUH????


Oh, wait, the theme was actually "Pony Fighting a Villain/Boss". Uhh... that was a little embarrassing. Sorry.


I kind of lost my momentum there :\

So stop reading my pointlessness! Check out all of the 80 great pictures of ponies confronting adversity! And then LEAVE THEM SOME COMMENTS! Do it. Do it because I told you to. Do it because it's just a cool thing to do. I don't care. Everypony loves comments. Go make somepony a better or more confident artist.

In case you forgot or somehow found this blog without first finding the group, we operate out of

And now, I'll get out of your manes. On with the show!

1 UnderwaterPony (Luna, always sympathetic to her sister :P -Argembarger)

2 FoxOFWar

3 RydelFox

4 Invidlord (Truly an inspiring tale of heroism by Strum McAwesomeposture -Argembarger)

5 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

6 AmbroseButtercrust (Sinistar always scared the heck out of me as a foal. I hope Dash can deal with his HUNGER -Argembarger)

7 RyuuKiba (Wow, really neat action and colors going on here - Atlur)

8 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

9 SamuelEAllen

10 JunaECBS

11 BGKyouhen (dry mobster, ewe donut blong inn this wrold -Argembarger)

12 larrle (Why fight? They should have a jam session instead - Atlur)

13 Goggle Sparks

14 TheCrackerBrony (HOOF OF JUSTICE! -LSB)

15 UltraFamicom

16 plekela (quad materia double materia knights of the round u mad -Argembarger)

17 bluemajik

18 tenchisamoshi

19 CrunchNugget (All of my :D -Argembarger)

20 paulinaghost

21 DarkKnightWolf2011 (Just remember that it's against the rules to throw the king out of the ring -Argembarger)

22 BassAnly

23 Whispatchet (I believe Hector has something to AXE that dragon - Atlur)

24 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Ah, balls -Argembarger)

25 brokenhero0409 (You win all of my internets forever. Best game EVER - Atlur)

26 Chromadancer (Amusing AND inspiring! -Argembarger)

27 DarkKnightWolf2011

28 JunaECBS

29 TheWormOuroboros (That poor, delicious cake - Atlur)

30 DI-FL (Bonbonbondage badassingly busting the boast! -LSB)

31 NuclearKitsune (So much action! And welcome :) - Atlur)

32 Rhanoa (Now I want to see her dance like Kirby ☆! -LSB)

33 kitsuneymg (Love the Full Metal Jacket reference -Argembarger)

34 hip-indeed (Dat boot - Atlur)

35 MoonlightScribe

36 MoonlightScribe (Wow, lots of great detail in this - Atlur)

37 Doppelgangsta

39 ColinMLP (Yay, Norse Mythology! - Atlur)

40 Invidlord

41 toonboy92484 (In her head a war she wages, will her demon break free from her mental cages? - fetchbeer)


43 Jdan-S (I love this :D - Atlur)

44 Alipes

45 Easteu (Power over metal this serpent wields, how much longer before that guard yields. - fetchbeer)

46 kirbycolours

47 TerribleTransit

48 RaspleZS (Ditzy makes the best wind-up koopa -Argembarger)

49 ReakkorShrike (Ponies in armor fighting some crazy machine, I hope it will not grind their hooves to gelatine! - fetchbeer)

50 PineappleSam

51 otherunicorn

52 otherunicorn

53 bluefiresword (I still wonder how with hooves you hold a gun, but if he values life that pony better run. - fetchbeer)

54 EricaC78 (Much harder to call her out on that one, unless you happen to have Nightmare Moon sleeping in a cave nearby - Atlur)

55 sbshouseofpancakes (Love Majora's Mask -Argembarger)

56 ThisNameIsNotProfane (Blocks falling so near to Berry Punch, she better move or she'll go crunch! - fetchbeer)

57 vapgames

58 Chill-penguin (Scootaloo shooting fire? I'm liking this idea - Atlur)

59 amnal (Three ponies for a dragon are no match, though a sneaky plan one did hatch. - fetchbeer)

60 Argembarger

61 LeafGrowth (Fired in 10 seconds flat -Argembarger)

62 demented-Mr-paulsen

63 necrodios

64 Prismatic-Pretzel

65 Philith (Anti-Spirals are creepy - Atlur)

66 Errick


68 NightOfAccordionSax

69 Muffinsforever

70 remenescent

71 Atlur

72 JeffMartinez

73 Tinker-TomTom

74 herpdragon

75 Fox-E

76 RaspleZS

77 041744

78 Wolferahm

79 VirgaRainboom

80 Delta-Pangaea