Thursday, 8 September 2011


So many of you took this opportunity to practice,
Drawing a pony with insane fastness!
It was by no means an easy feat,
To that time limit defeat!

But here we've gotten such great sketches,
And even a pony doing her morning stretches!
A favorite from these I could not choose,
For each and every one does amuse.

For this art some songs I have arranged,
Though afterwards you may think I have become deranged.
Just open the videos in a new tab,
And for your seat belt make a grab.
For we're basting of quite quick,
Please grab a bag if you're feeling sick.

1 ThisNameIsNotProfane (Click here for appropriate music.)

2 Chromadancer (Here she comes)

3 FoxOFWar (Here comes Rainbow Dash)

4 HarrowTPrower (She's a demon on wings)

5 UnderwaterPony (She's a demon and she's gonna be chasin' after somepony.)

6 Arcum89 (She's gainin' on you so you better look alive.)

7 AmbroseButtercrust (She's busy revvin' up a powerful sonic dive.)

8 peperoger (And when the odds are against her)

9 041744 (And there's dangerous work to do)

10 TerribleTransit (You bet your life Rainbow Dash)

11 UltraFamicom (Will see it through.)

12 JunaECBS (Go Rainbow Dash)

13 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Go Rainbow Dash)

14 Atlur (Go Rainbow Dash, Go!)

15 PineappleSam (She's off and soarin' as she flies with speed around the clouds)

16 Goggle Sparks (She's jammin' down her goggles like she's never comin' back)

17 A1CZERO (Adventure's waitin' just ahead.)

18 SamuelEAllen (Go Rainbow Dash)

19 herpdragon (Go Rainbow Dash)

20 MLP-Whiteout (Go Rainbow Dash, Go!)

21 demented-Mr-Paulsen (Now click here for more appropriate music.)

22 larrle (Revvin' up your engine)

23 LT-draws-ponies (Listen to her howlin' roar)

24 SamuelEAllen (Metal under tension)

25 ReakkorShrike (Beggin' you to touch and go)

26 LT-draws-ponies (Highway to the Danger Zone)

27 LT-draws-ponies (Ride into the Danger Zone)

28 EricaC78 (Headin' into twilight)

29 DarkKnightWolf2011 (Spreadin' out her wings tonight)

30 bluefiresword (She got you jumpin' off the track)

31 Whispatchet (And shovin' into overdrive)

32 kitsuneymg (Highway to the Danger Zone)

33 LifeSequenceBreak (I'll take you)

34 lunarapologist (Right into the Danger Zone)

35 Argembarger (You'll never say hello to you)

36 Fetchbeer (Until you get it on the red line overload)

37 JimTheCactus (You'll never know what you can do)

38 KUROGUAUGUAU (Until you get it up as high as you can go)

39 ColinMLP (Out along the edges)

40 MoonlightScribe (Always where I burn to be)

41 yiKOmega (The further on the edge)

42 Errick (The hotter the intensity)

43 brokenhero0409 (Highway to the Danger Zone)

44 hip-indeed (Gonna take you)

45 Naytree (Right into the Danger Zone)

46 AmbroseButtercrust (Highway to the Danger Zone)

47 Prismatic-Pretzel (Highway to the Danger Zone)

48 VirgaRainboom (Gonna take you)

49 Muffinsforever (Right into the Danger Zone)

50 Wolferahm (Highway to the Danger Zone)

51 Delta-Pangaea (Highway to the Danger Zone)

52 TerribleTransit (Gonna take you)

53 Easteu (Right into the Danger Zone)

54 CrunchNugget (Highway to the Danger Zone)

55 JimTheCactus (Fade out!)

56 Fox-E


  1. my drawing isn't here... and my drawing was really serious... I'm disappointed... :( this was my worst week... this sucks...