Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 12, Day 2

(Atlur here again for another Wrap Up)

Another day of hard work put behind us, everypony. Good work! AJ would certainly be proud with your work ethic. I mean, even having just drawn a bunch of pictures of Twilight, and only having one day to work on this, you still managed to produce 81 pictures of our beloved Applejack! That's deserving of a Ponyville Prize Pony award right there. Though, since there are so many of you, and only one trophy, we'll have to share. We'll... make it work, somehow. Just as long as we can all be honest like AJ, we should be fine.

We'd like to give another big thank you to some of our members for stepping in to help with comments today! Put your hooves together for Arcum, BrokenHero0409, and Delta Pangaea! :) Definitely a big help!

How are the daily ponies treating you all? Hanging in there? It's okay if you aren't able to do each and every one, we know this is a busy time of year. But we're happy with what we have been getting, so great job to those who are participating! :) I don't know about you, but the rush of all this daily pony is making the time just fly for me. It will be Season 2 before you know it! And then we will have all the new pony, and so many more things to discuss! I'm sure the fandom will explode in a big way once we have new official content to work with. I can just imagine how excited all of those PMV and music ponies must be, since they've done just about every conceivable variation on the existing material at this point.

I actually have a little bit of time to write for you ponies, but I have no idea what to write. Now I see the problem Phoe was faced with each night with her wrap up posts. I could tell you tales of far off lands, but I haven't really been doing anything that exciting lately, so there isn't much to tell. I plan on figuring out the public transportation system better soon so I can go further than my legs can take me. Everypony does it, so how hard could it be, right? Right? Let me tell you, regular day-to-day tasks are a lot more difficult when you can't hardly read anything, or understand most of what anypony says. Going out my front door is always a task. But, it is certainly an interesting experience, so at least there's that. Oh. and I might visit a Pony Center next week. I'm not entirely sure what that means, but I'm a pony, so I feel like that's a good place to go.

But I digress. We are here to draw ponies, and we are doing a great job at it! :) And now, I present to you, the one, the only, Applejack!

1 Atlur (AJ with a rope does practice a new trick, while she takes a break from the apples she picks. - fetchbeer)

2 NikkuWalkanov (Watch out tree, she looks like she's grumpy today... - BrokenHero0409)

3 SportaTiffany (She sits under a tree taking a break, I'm amazed sometimes that she can stay awake. - fetchbeer)

4 darth-franny (I don't have anything witty to say. I'm just saying this is really pretty. - Delta Pangaea)

5 SamuelEAllen (Pinkie Pie is exactly the pony to needle her about that sort of thing - BrokenHero0409)

6 Chrisisold (Nice contrast between genuinely happy farmer!Applejack and reserved city!Applejack - BrokenHero0409)

7 necrodios

8 BrainDps ("Ah'll tell y' th' honest truth, pie... Ah won't let ya fall" - BrokenHero0409)

9 LT-draws-ponies

10 Sir-Dangereaux (Applejack in an interesting style, giving us some delightful Southern-fried sass - BrokenHero0409)

11 Goggle Sparks (I feel like this should be a print or something - BrokenHero0409)

12 kibihascrashed

13 RatofDrawn (Only the finest apples for the monarch! - BrokenHero0409)

14 FoxOFWar (AJ glances back over an open field, to her eyes I wonder what is revealed. - fetchbeer)

15 herpdragon

16 Alipes (Balancing four apples on her nose! Ponies, you should leave this to the pros! - fetchbeer)

17 Easteu (That hair is astonishingly good - BrokenHero0409)

18 larrle

19 TealDragon44

20 demented-Mr-Paulsen (We don't need any fancy mathematics here - Arcum)

21 AmbroseButtercrust

22 Chromadancer

23 Nullh (Hasbro should use this to study what they are doing wrong with their Applejack toys - Arcum)

24 TheParagon (AJ's hat by the wind has been taken, to be seen without it would leave her shaken. - fetchbeer)

25 Rhanoa ("Twilight! Ah thought Ah said no magic!" - BrokenHero0409)

26 egophiliac (Where is Rarity? I only see an oddly shaped marshmallow with a mane... - Arcum)

27 PineappleSam

28 tenchisamoshi (AJ as drawn in chalk is very cute, as she prances round in search of fruit. - fetchbeer)

29 MoonlightScribe

30 MoonlightScribe

31 hip-indeed

"32 brokenhero0409 (I did not realize that she was quite so very fast, I felt the wind as she trotted past! - fetchbeer)

33 Naytree

34 Otterlore (Baby!Jack looks so content under her hat :D - BrokenHero0409)

35 kitsuneymg (The happiness and good cheer sears into my soul! - BrokenHero0409)

36 brongaar (From the tree those apples she does buck, today those bunny thieves will be out of luck - fetchbeer)

37 PajiPants

38 UltraFamicom

39 MetallicMetal

40 ThisNameIsNotProfane (How does she do this with her leg? I think I have drunk to much from my keg. - fetchbeer)

41 DiZaster321 (Hooves thrust to the sky, the whole world hears my cry: "PLOOOOT!!!" - BrokenHero0409)

42 Fetchbeer (Dat orange flank - Arcum)

43 bluemajik (Interesting concept and a fun pose - BrokenHero0409)

44 RyuuKiba (She barges into this western bar, from her wrath he should have run so far. - fetchbeer)

45 Tecknojock (Remember: ponies makes it ok! Applejack sticks it to the Man, and his fancy law-matics - BrokenHero0409)

46 JunaECBS

47 Gadvac (In her hat she looks quite satisfied, has some danger she recently defied? - fetchbeer)

48 AQNichols (Apples are my favorite thing to sleep on. Wake up and you have your breakfast right there. - Arcum)

49 aoshistark (Why is she lassoing that giant blue bunn... oh I get it - BrokenHero0409)

50 sbshouseofpancakes (Soft colors belay the action of the scene - BrokenHero0409)

51 Doppelgangsta (Who knew this pony had a favorite sock, to me at least this came as a shock! - fetchbeer)

52 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

53 RB-D (Nice shadowing effects on the edges. Very bold style - BrokenHero0409)

54 remenescent (Applejack with a sword! She's gonna -Apple- Jack you up! I'm so sorry please don't hit... - BrokenHero0409)

55 Invidlord (Applejack from a cliffs edge does leap, is this a dream is she asleep? - fetchbeer)

56 RaspleZS (Meta jokes are the best jokes - BrokenHero0409)

57 LeafGrowth

58 spartianfox

59 RydelFox (I would partake of this pony drink, and to this sodden mare I'd give a wink. - fetchbeer)

60 Prismatic-Pretzel

61 Wolferahm (HASBRO WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? - Arcum)

62 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

63 toonboy92484

64 041744

65 TerribleTransit (I think I could join this pony for a nap, if we don't sleep we could snap. - fetchbeer)

66 Delta-Pangaea (What? No! I'm using it to carry apples! - Heireau)

67 bluemajik

68 DarkKnightWolf2011

69 Errick (Hey! Have some decency around here! - Heireau)

70 JimTheCactus

71 TheRecliner27


73 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

74 Muffinsforever (Absolutely not! - Heireau)

75 HarrowTPrower


77 Fox-E

78 yiKOmega

79 ikillyou121

80 commoncouchcrusader

81 NightOfAccordionSax (In the wind!)


    It's been a while :D
    GJ everypony! You're all the bestest.

  2. #47 checking in.
    Ooh yay, I got a comment from Fetchbeer!
    Y'know, I've kind of grown to like his rhymes. At first I would just groan (in my head), but now.. they're nice.

    "Apples are my favorite thing to sleep on. Wake up and you have your breakfast right there. - Arcum" (#48) Forget about breakfast in bed- breakfast is bed!

    Oh, and Moonlight's was posted twice- #29 and #30.