Thursday, 1 September 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 10

Okie doki loki!
The admins are being all lazy-wazy again and so they left this up to me! And let me tell you, this isn't easy. Kit's laptop is NOT pony friendly! These buttons are soooooooooo small. It's like that one time when I tried to make four dozen muffins instead of 1 dozen! Nopony was happy that day.

Well anyway, I'm supposed to do a bog post. But kit's wires didn't stretch that far and honestly, what's the point of writing when you're in a bog? All you can think about is how bad your cupcakes will taste because they're covered in muck! BLEH! But i brought plenty of hot sauce, so everything was ok.

You know what else is OK! More than ok even? DDR! Kits let me play with him last night and it was a PAAAAAAAAARTY! There was dancing and music and Twilight drank too much and everypony had a great time! You should TOTALLY try it. Kits made a Rainbow Dash but it didn't look like the Dashie I know, maybe its supposed to look like that saddy-McSadPants Dashie from that Season 2 clip. OH MY GOSH I'm SOOOOO excited. I can't wait to see what happens, I mean I know what happens because I was filming it, but I want to see you see what happens and see if the directory was a really clever pony and is gonna pull a fast one, like maybe in episode 4 Twilight turns me into a cake!

What was I talking about? Oh yeah! Well after all that filming, my friends and I, and I'm friends with EVERYPONY, were really tired, so we took a nap. And you space ponies drew us! Dashie looks SUPER cute today!

Pinkie, I think I hear a party calling

A PARTY! Where! I need to get balloons, and streamers, and a Fluttershy Pinata! And an 8 layer cake for Twilight! See you later Kitsy!


Lunar Apologist here. Pinkie has been distracted with parties and Kits has been distracted watching Pinkie bounce away. So Here's the Wrap up! You ponies drew an awesome 108 pictures of sleepy ponies! This is going to take a lot of coffee to get them moving again for the next theme.

And, as always, check out our DA page here!

1 Mauranx (And here we go, starting the most adorable week, EVER! -LSB)

2 LifeSequenceBreak (Adorable Twi is adorable! -Lunar Apologist)

3 TheWormOuroboros

4 MaxAyson

5 RB-D (Welcome to the ATG! I hope you keep experimenting! That's one thing we're here for! - kits)

6 LittleMonster125

7 PineappleSam (I love this style! Dat epic tail. Siraj is such a sleepy pony - kits)

8 RydelFox (Wake up, Carrot Top! Fridge theft is in progress! -Lunar Apologist)

9 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

10 MushyArt (+1 puns! :D -Lunar Apologist)

11 SamuelEAllen (No wonder she naps all day - she's got to be tired after a night of that! -Lunar Apologist)

12 CrunchNugget

13 otherunicorn (Twilight looks so cute among the sheets, she must be dreaming of Pinkie's treats. - Fetchbeer)

14 ColinMLP (Flutterdash is relavent to my interests - kits)

15 Goggle Sparks

16 Philith (My "Don't go to sleep" folder is now bigger - kits)

17 Crows

18 NinjaPony (In the gloom this sleepy pony lurks, to crash anyway is one of a DJ's perks. - Fetchbeer)

19 Chromadancer (Clever! -Lunar Apologist)

20 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

21 Hikarixxkh

22 TheCrackerBrony (Animation, please click!) (ANIMATED pun? Count me in! -Lunar Apologist)

23 TheRecliner27 (Agh, my diabeetus! -Lunar Apologist)

24 MushyArt (1. Huh? 2. Facepalm. 3. Laugh. -LSB)

25 41744 (Bridgestone can shut down! -LSB)

26 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Is this actually the first picture starring all Alumni admins as their respective Ponysonas? This calls for a PARTAY!! After I we recovered from the WWU~... -LSB)

"27 TheParagon (What dreams fill the head of this sleep filly, with that blanket she must be chilly. - Fetchbeer)

28 brokenhero0409

29 EricaC78

30 Burossamu (Oh gosh, I want to hug her :( -Lunar Apologist)

31 Otterlore (On the bottom rests this tiny aquatic equestrian, while she dreams of being a pedestrian. - Fetchbeer)

32 Gadvac

33 kibihascrashed


35 Baisre (This chubby pony snoozes after her snack, she couldn't wait to hit the sack. - Fetchbeer)

36 Nun2artzy (I love the lighting on this one! -Lunar Apologist)

37 Errick

38 bibliodragon

39 AmbroseButtercrust

"40 Nun2artzy (Usually Applejack seems so impassive, I did not expect a yawn so massive. - Fetchbeer)

41 PineappleSam

42 Argembarger (I don't care what Faust says, I think Dash would be an awesome big sister. -Lunar Apologist)

43 kitsuneymg

44 Invidlord

45 D-Hatcher (Pegasus ponies rest upon the clouds, far above the Equestrian crowds. - Fetchbeer)

46 MoonlightScribe

47 MoonlightScribe (Q: Why is Twilight is so adorable? Why do books make her MORE adorable? A: see image - kits)

48 PineappleSam (A ponies cowers upon a pillar, as below him lurks an eight legged killer. - Fetchbeer)

49 kibihascrashed

50 Rhanoa

51 larrle

52 aoshistark (That bale of hay is in for ordeal, as Applebloom looks to make of it a meal. - Fetchbeer)

53 041744 (YES. -Lunar Apologist)

54 MateusUK

55 DarkKnightWolf2011 (Berry Pnuch is my new role model - kits)

56 necrodios (So many Derpy clones in tanks waiting, is this an army somepony is creating? - Fetchbeer)

57 MoonlightScribe

58 LT-draws-ponies

59 RaspleZS

60 hip-indeed

61 JunaECBS (These three have found at what they are best, as on these pillows they lay and test. - Fetchbeer.)

62 DI-FL (LANGUAGE, Tootsie! D: -Lunar Apologist)

63 UltraFamicom

64 NME-NRG (I was wondering if we'd see any of this pun made! -Lunar Apologist)

65 Whispatchet (Ponies sleep each forming a letter, I can think of no font that is better. - Fetchbeer)

66 james539

67 SamuelEAllen (I lolled. Thanks - kits)

68 Jdan-S


70 Badteddy32 (Luna rests under the sky at night, while all the stars are shining bright. - Fetchbeer)

71 bluefiresword

72 LittleMonster125

73 FoxOFWar

74 Alipes (Celestia's climbs with her wings are bound, so a new way up this tower must be found. - Fetchbeer)

75 PajiPants (Dash and Pinkie a comfy bed share, while the rest of us sit and stare. - Fetchbeer)

76 first14

77 bananizen

78 tenchisamoshi

79 Easteu (Octavia rests inside her instrument's case, but if she's here where is her double bass? - Fetchbeer)

80 egophiliac (All of my d'aww! -Lunar Apologist)

81 Amehdaus (I WANT TO SLEEP IN THE PONY PILE! :D -Lunar Apologist)

82 lunarapologist

83 Atlur

84 LittleMonster125

85 Sir-Dangereaux (Sometimes those two seem to be one and the same - Atlur)

86 DiZaster321 (And then the world asked the question. Perhaps the most important question that could be asked. That question was "can I haz Pinkie?" This is the answer - kits)

87 Prismatic-Pretzel (Luna, you prankster! I approve :) -Lunar Apologist)

88 demented-Mr-Paulsen

89 remenescent (Clouds look so comfortable - Atlur)

90 Wolferahm Maybe in the punch there was too much rum, and now Dash a canvas has become. - Fetchbeer)

91 Pebblenator

92 JimTheCactus

93 Pebblenator

94 sbshouseofpancakes (I love the style and coloring with this one! -Lunar Apologist)

95 Chromadancer

96 Tecknojock (MRS. BUZZY ISN'T REAL -Lunar Apologist)

97 8ftmetalhead

98 Delta-Pangea

99 Naytree

100 Fetchbeer

101 LeafGrowth

102 HarrowTPrower

103 skylersk

104 JeffMartinez

105 Fox-E

106 Muffinsforever (Tavi has some interesting dreams... -LSB

107 TerribleTransit

108 yiKOmega


  1. Yay 107. I am the only pony who used resting? I can hardly believe it. By the way, there's a finished version up if you click through. Got it done 10 minutes or so late >.<

  2. 13 here - I think 68 is my fave.

  3. Oh, and because I need to say it more: 62 wins the wrap-up. And the internet.

  4. #11/ #67 checking in

    If it's not too much trouble, I made some alterations to #11 since I first posted it (most noticeably AJ's freckles) and would prefer this version to be part of the Wrap Up instead: Thanks!

    Keep up the good work everypony!

  5. So much sleepy ponies. The "d'aww"-factor is once again somewhere up there.

  6. #32 checking in

    Looks like another week of amazing art from the ATG-Alumni! Nicely done, bronies.

  7. Somehow a few rows didn't get copied from the spreadsheet to here - sorry about that! Fixed now.

  8. YAY

    #34 and #64

    this week was awesome!

  9. @ Lunar Apologist

    Oh you know Luna, such a kidder.