Monday, 12 September 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 12, Day 1

Twilight Sparkle, my most faithful student, you've made so many friends! I'm so proud of you!

That's probably along the lines of what Princess Celestia would say were she to see all of your wonderful pictures of Twilight Sparkle! In fact, we have 80 pictures of this cute purple unicorn! I'm sure she would be amazed to hear that. Who knew that a bookworm of a pony could be so popular?

So this is the first of our daily themes for this week. How's that treating everypony? Feeling the rush yet? It's exhilarating, busting out a pony picture in one day, and knowing that tomorrow you will do another one. Well, I mean, that is, if you have the time... Even if it's just a quick sketch, we appreciate every bit of art you ponies put forth! And just know that any bit of practice you can find the time for is still practice, and every day of drawing improves your skills as an artist. So hang in there, and keep drawing ponies! You can do it! :D

For the next theme, we have Applejack, the most loyal honest of friends a pony could ever hope for! And don't forget her hat!

In case you stumbled across this blog without seeing our deviantArt group, you can find our base of operations here:

And we'd also like to extend a HUGE thank you to several of our members for stepping up and helping us with the picture comments this week! So please put your hooves together for TerribleTransit, Delta Pangaea, NightOfAccordionSax, and Arcum. We had a lot going on today, so your help was amazing! :D And a wrap up just wouldn't be the same without somepony putting up comments.

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you all the most magical unicorn in all of Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle!

1 NuclearKitsune (Twilight here looks very dashing, as if at any moment her horn might start flashing! - fetchbeer)

2 LittleMonster125

3 Whispatchet (Twilight's giant nose I do adore, just tell me that she doesn't snore! - fetchbeer)

4 DarkKnightWolf2011

5 RatofDrawn (So shiny! - TerribleTransit)

6 SkyheartArrow

7 BrainDps (Tea. It's a bookworm's best friend. - Delta Pangaea)

8 NikkuWalkanov

9 FoxOFWar

10 Chrisisold (So many colors. I wonder what could have caused that. - TerribleTransit)

11 SportaTiffany

12 Rhanoa

13 Poniker (Twilight seems to be going through the same thing we all suffer every night. - TerribleTransit)

14 ikillyou121 (Why would you even think about sleep instead of pony? - TerribleTransit)

15 brokenhero0409

16 paulinaghost

17 PineappleSam (Well that's not ominous at all! - Delta Pangaea)

18 Daniel120

19 Easteu (I don't know what kind of spell involves looking that intense, but I want it. - TerribleTransit)

20 ikillyou121

21 Alipes (I declare your style experiment successful! - TerribleTransit)

22 Tecknojock (The world needs more pony where people can see it. - Delta Pangaea)

23 SamuelEAllen (The helpful dragon
His indigestion needed
But alas, no belch -NightOfAccordionSax)

24 Splashlerz

25 LT-draws-ponies (She may not look much like a filly, but she does look so happy that it makes me happy! Yay! - TerribleTransit)

26 TheRecliner27

27 demented-Mr-Paulsen

28 UnderwaterPony (Twilight bounces into the sky while shades she's wearing, even in flight she has a regal bearing. - fetchbeer)

29 TheParagon (Unpredictable magic is best magic - Arcum)

30 TealDragon44

31 Otterlore (You alright there, Twi? You look troubled... - Delta Pangaea)

32 JunaECBS

33 TerribleTransit (I'm sorry. I'll try to use my fake-mod powers to make up for this. - TerribleTransit)

34 Chromadancer

35 larrle

36 hip-indeed (I hope I'm not the only one who thought she looked nice like this. - Delta Pangaea)

37 MoonlightScribe

38 MoonlightScribe (It... tickles? That raises some questions about the nature of Celestia's hair... - Delta Pangaea)

39 EricaC78

40 Goggle Sparks

41 Argembarger (Can't... stop... watching - TerribleTransit)

42 bluemajik (Little dots I see
Making up Twilight’s being
Swooshing mane and tail.

43 TheWormOuroboros (Apples in the tree
Mocking the purple pony
Also combustion

44 Invidlord

45 toonboy92484 (I wish Twilight was in my agenda... - Arcum)

46 NME-NRG (I still have to undo the wrong that was done, tonight was just not very fun. - fetchbeer)

47 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

48 necrodios

49 ColinMLP (What dangers lurk outside their lands, from those creatures with two hands? - fetchbeer)

50 MetallicMetal

51 Fetchbeer (Dat purple flank - Arcum)

52 sbshouseofpancakes (Ms. Sparkle, are you trying to seduce me? No? Aww, crud... - Delta Pangaea)

53 egophiliac (That evil cord shows up again, it has become quite a pain. - fetchbeer)

54 RaspleZS

55 Geoberos (This seems like it should be a private moment, for this image did she give consent? - fetchbeer)

56 Doppelgangsta

57 KUROGUAUGUAU (On her keyboard Twilight plays, I'd listen to that filly rock for days! - fetchbeer)

58 AmbroseButtercrust

59 UltraFamicom (I imagine a figure of yourself would be... unsettling. - Delta Pangaea)

60 remenescent (Three harsh blades of steal
Making sure all get the point:
Twilight takes no crap

61 RyuuKiba (Twilight in the sky
Riding a Rayquaza
This is so awesome -NightOfAccordionSax)

62 AQNichols

63 yiKOmega (I'd buy it. - Delta Pangaea)

64 kitsuneymg

65 RydelFox (Filly Twi AND a book? YES! - Atlur)

66 PinkiePocalypse

67 Prismatic-Pretzel

68 Wolferahm (Fortress of Knowledge
Built from the books of knowledge
No one can breach it

69 Wolferahm (A fort of books does not protect, for mere words it does not deflect. - fetchbeer)

70 NightOfAccordionSax

71 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Ponies laying sick in bed! What horror does lie ahead? - fetchbeer)

72 041744

73 commoncouchcrusader (A bed time story
The book bigger then herself
Her dad falls asleep

74 A1CZERO (Her kitchen skills fill me with dread, her fame for flames has become widespread. - fetchbeer)

75 JimTheCactus

76 Errick (Double, double, toil and trouble, ponies work and beaker bubble. - Delta Pangaea)

77 Arcum89 (Twilight by these books seems quite obsessed, her eyes show lust as her heart thumps in her chest! - fetchbeer)

78 kibihascrashed (Daww, why so sad? - TerribleTransit)

79 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Taking a short rest
Twilight sits down and smiles
Her joy infects all

80 Atlur

81 Chill-penguin

82 HarrowTPrower

83 Delta-Pangaea


  1. Yay! I got to pretend to be a mod and make comments on things!

    Good work, everyone. Especially for being back on the original schedule of mayhem and madness instead of the relaxed pace we've gotten used to.

  2. Yeah, this will end in either glory and success, or failure and misery.

    Forecasts predict only a 5% chance of misery though.

  3. 78-- shes sad cuz im too busy and tired to make her prettier~ :c