Thursday, 15 September 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 12, Day 3

(The Atlur blog post extravaganza continues!)

Zoom! Whoosh! Wow! It's RAINBOW DASH! :D When it comes to cool, this pony knows how to get things done. Plus, she removes the clouds from the sky to make beautiful clear days for everypony! How nice is that? And don't you ever pick on her friends, or she'll get all up in your business (she's loyal like that). Gotta say, Dashie is quite an awesome pony, there's simply no denying it. You all must agree, because you produced 73 pictures of this fine pegasus today!

We're halfway there ponies! Are you still with us? I certainly hope so! If you've made it this far, there's no reason you can't hang on a little longer, right? And if you haven't been drawing every day, that's fine too. Everypony has different responsibilities they have to take care of, we understand. But try to buckle down and draw as many more ponies as you can handle as we work through the back half of this event!

A special thank you goes out to group members Arcum and Heireau for doing their part in helping the community by providing some comments for today's wrap up. :D

Oh, and if you came here by some other means, be sure to check out our base of operations over on deviantArt:

Really, there isn't anything I could say that would adequately express the amount of sheer awesome that is contained in the gallery below, so just strap yourself in and sit back in awe of the amazingness that is Rainbow Dash!

1 NikkuWalkanov (As she flies in the clouds she leaves holes, it's as if in the sky there are flying moles. - fetchbeer)

2 SportaTiffany

3 SamuelEAllen (Don't worry Dash. I hear chickens are quite agile. - Arcum)

4 BrainDps (Hey! List... oh uhh sorry Dash. - Arcum)

5 necrodios

6 PineappleSam

7 FracturedCB (I wonder if Dash realizes her hair dye is coming out - Arcum)

8 RatofDrawn (The Princess this pony has saluted, for a secret mission was she recruited? - fetchbeer)

9 FoxOFWar (Chapter 1: Defy your princess's wishes and you get banished to the moon. - Arcum)

10 Alipes (You don't see a rainbow corkscrew every day. - Arcum)

11 RB-D

12 TheMellowSide (By an evil root this pony is tripped, it won't be long before from the ground it's ripped! - fetchbeer)

13 Rhanoa (Well look on the bright side... At least you don't have boring old feathered wings anymore! - Arcum)

14 Easteu (Dash stand wings erect and looking smug, is she becoming some kind of pony thug? - fetchbeer)

15 Sir-Dangereaux (I could only imagine what I could bake with a dash of rainbow. If only I had some I would try it. - Arcum)

16 Chromadancer

17 Nullh

18 vapgames
(This is quite a slick animation, click and wash this awesome creation! - fetchbeer)

19 MoonlightScribe

20 MoonlightScribe (Trixie, stop being such a troll.It's not cool - Arcum)

21 EricaC78 (I've never seen a pony that looks at me quite so unimpressed. Does she not like the way I'm dressed? - fetchbeer)

22 Gadvac

23 egophiliac (Wearing clouds is a new fashion statement and wearing them upside down just makes you that much cooler. - Arcum; 20% cooler! - Heireau)

24 Otterlore

25 bluemajik (No other pony could fly sideways quite as well, at crazy stunts this pegasus does excel. - fetchbeer)

26 JunaECBS

27 AmbroseButtercrust

28 Chrisisold (For once this pony did not loose her wings, but she seems to have lost some other things. - fetchbeer)

29 hip-indeed

30 larrle (Balloons make everything better. - Arcum)

31 demented-Mr-Paulsen

32 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (With her magic this unicorn controls the clouds, I think she'll make rain fall upon some pony crowds. - fetchbeer)

33 Invidlord

34 Fetchbeer (Dat blue flank - Arcum)

35 LeafGrowth

36 ikillyou121 (What is Dash watching so intensely? She seems to be enjoying it immensely! - fetchbeer)


38 brokenhero0409

39 ErgoCogito (Rainbow Dash is all out of Rainbow :( - Atlur)

40 Atlur (Scoots was watching the Wonderbolts practice a new stunt, until Rainbow Dash got in front. - fetchbeer)

41 aoshistark

42 JimTheCactus

43 RydelFox (Dashie attacking villains with a shark? That non fish will surely leave a mark! - fetchbeer)

44 kitsuneymg

45 Tecknojock (We'd hate for somepony to get in trouble for pony drawing, so do what you must - Atlur)

46 Naytree

47 UltraFamicom (Take that, villianous scum! -Heireau)

48 PajiPants

49 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

50 sbshouseofpancakes (What did catch this pony's eye? Did a Wonderbolt just fly by? - fetchbeer)

51 VirgaRainboom

52 ColinMLP (We are always open to having more ponies in pictures. Always. - Atlur)

53 RaspleZS (I think this explains one strange fact, Luna traveled in time and exiled herself for her evil act. - fetchbeer)

54 041744

55 RyuuKiba (Ooh, very exciting. I like the poster look - Atlur)

56 toonboy92484

57 DarkKnightWolf2011 (I always wondered how comfortable it would be to rest on a cloud... - Arcum)

58 remenescent

59 Wolferahm (Had Rainbow Dash been bucked in the head, all memories of Scoots she seems to have shed. - fetchbeer)

60 TerribleTransit

61 Muffinsforever (I could see this happening. Thank you cartoon physics! - Arcum)

62 Prismatic-Pretzel

63 Arcum89 (I think I love ponies who with crayons are drawn, and over this silly filly I will fawn! - fetchbeer)

64 Delta-Pangaea

65 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

66 tenchisamoshi (I wonder what made her stop with such a surprised look :O - Atlur)

67 NightOfAccordionSax (loller. Gotta click on the site for dat SWF file though~ - Heireau)

68 Maquark


70 HarrowTPrower (Bwaha, self comment. I don't even know what to say about that hairline thing. - Heireau WHOOSH! - Atlur)

71 kibihascrashed

72 Fox-E

73 JeffMartinez


  1. nice, I'm the number 69! he he he...

  2. So awesome!

  3. #53 here.

    @ fetchbeer: Best comment I've gotten yet. (I was nowhere near thinking about something like that!)

  4. #22 checking in late. Well done, all!