Friday, 16 September 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 12, Day 5

Oh how I wish every day could be Fluttershy Day. well, okay, maybe that would get old after a while, but it would take a long time before that would happen. Whatever, at least it was Fluttershy Day today! :D And oh what a day it was! Look at all those Fluttershys! I want to give them all of the ponyhugs. Apparently sometimes she is also a tree, but that's oaky (eyoo! Tree pun!) Seriously though, great job everypony! You produced 77 pictures of the adorable yellow pegasus today! And the world is a better place for it! Fluttershy would be shocked to the point of squeaking were she to learn just how many awesome pictures of her you produced! Deep down though I'm sure she is very happy about it :)

One more day left, ponies. One more. And, even less time until the new episode comes out! :O In fact, many of you probably won't draw your picture for the day until after seeing the episode. Or may not even see this post until afterwards, now that I think about it. I am VERY excited for Season 2, as I imagine all of your are as well. I mean, new pony episodes! What's not to be excited about? New stories, new characters, new SONGS! I am stoked just typing this out! Though, it's going to be tough in between episodes, always wanting more pony. But, we will get through this together! As the pony drought has proved, we can produce a lot of interesting content at a pretty constant rate. So with each new addition that the new episodes make, so too will we get a flood of fan content related to it. And of course, we'll still have our weekly drawing themes for you, so there's always something to do! :)

You ponies have been invaluable in regards to keeping everything running smoothly this week! To that extent, we want to thank Arcum and Heireau for helping with the comments today! You rock! Woohoo~

If you've somehow stumbled across this gallery via the magicks of the internet, be sure to check out our base of operations over at deviantart:

So, let me take you back to the time I first started watching ponies. A webcomic artist I follow on Twitter was the last straw that convinced me to take the plunge (he even linked to the first episode, so it was easy to just click and see what it was all about). At first it seemed a bit silly and cutesy, especially when the theme song kicked in. At the same time though, the main character seemed interesting. She was sort of an antisocial nerd, which I could really relate with. But I wasn't totally convinced. That is, until it got to the Fluttershy part. First of all, I really liked her design. Her long pink mane was super cute, and pegasi are pretty awesome (though that other pegasus was a bit brash and full of herself). And Fluttershy was just so awkward! It was great! I knew then and there that she was going to be my favorite character if I kept watching this show, and sure enough it came to pass. Had it not been for Fluttershy, I may not have stuck with the show. Similarly, Dragonshy was one of the first episodes that really did it for me. I love all of the episodes now, of course, but on first viewing that was the first one that I really enjoyed. Oh, and the manticore part of episode 2! I mean, that was more about the fact that there was a manticore in a show for little girls, but still, it was Fluttershy's trial, she still gets some props for it :b So yes, for me, Fluttershy is best pony. And with that, enjoy this wonderful gallery, filled to the brim with Fluttershy goodness!

1 egophiliac (I'm going to leaf this one alone - Atlur)

2 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Fillyshy for best shy! - Heireau)

3 NikkuWalkanov (Adorable snout - Atlur)

4 SportaTiffany (Oh dear, what is this. A mischievous wink?! gaaahfafsadf - Heireau)

5 SportaTiffany (Angel bunny seems uncertain - Atlur)

6 Atlur

7 Invidlord

8 BrainDps (I really like your style :D - Atlur)

9 FoxOFWar

10 MLP-Whiteout (Totes adorbs - Atlur)

11 RatofDrawn (Uhh Fluttershy... her eyes are up there. - Arcum)

12 MangaMeister

13 kitsuneymg (Ohmygosh this is the cutest thing! :D - Atlur)

14 EricaC78

15 Goggle Sparks

16 WillDrawForFood1 (I could see Fluttershy loving fall with all the leaves changing color. - Arcum)

17 SamuelEAllen (Fluttertail blanket is best blanket - Atlur)

18 larrle (Not even the heavy can resist Fluttershy. - Arcum)

19 jongyon7192p

20 dop4min3rgic (Ok clearly Fluttershy has lost it. - Arcum)

21 egophiliac

22 UnderwaterPony (Fluttershy has the right idea, time to get excited! - Atlur)

23 TheMellowSide (I like the airbrushie effect - Atlur)

24 Alipes

25 TheParagon

26 Sir-Dangereaux (Just because you're hiding behind your wing, doesn't mean we can't still see you, Flutters - Atlur)

27 JunaECBS (All week I've been wishing I was familiar with the reference so I could comment, but at least I can say I like the outfit - Atlur)

28 necrodios (I did not see that one coming... - Arcum)

29 Igosama (No, I don't like it... I LOVE IT - Arcum)

30 DarkKnightWolf2011

31 Ced75

32 TealDragon44 (I like that this is sort of a 'teenage' Fluttershy. Cute! - Atlur)

33 MoonlightScribe (That's right Fluttershy! Be the tree! - Arcum)

34 MoonlightScribe

35 UltraFamicom (It seems Fluttershy is all buttered up... yes I went there. Let the face hoofs commence! - Arcum)

36 RydelFox (Angel bunny will have none of your tomfoolery! - Atlur)

37 Jdan-S (This gives of a really nice and calming glow. - Arcum)

38 Errick (Dash you already had your turn, Fluttershy needs her time in the spotlight too. - Arcum)

39 Gadvac (Ready for takeoff! - Atlur)

40 demented-Mr-Paulsen (Where did Fluttershy get bacon? - Arcum)

41 AmbroseButtercrust

42 JimTheCactus (From high above upon the clouds, this filly spies upon the pony crowds. - fetchbeer)

43 Doppelgangsta

44 hayhedgehoghay

45 Tecknojock (I would feel so bad if I stepped on a chalk pony, especially Fluttershy - Atlur)

46 RiokennG3 (yay! - Arcum)

47 Otterlore (Plenty on time. And really, any time is a good time for Fluttershy - Atlur)

48 hip-indeed (I hope she is doing this for a photo shoot and actually feeling down. - Arcum)

49 Easteu (Aww, I love the shy expression - Atlur)

50 TheCrackerBrony

51 brokenhero0409 (Your Fluttershys have definitely improved! - Atlur)

52 041744

53 Chromadancer

54 PajiPants

55 RaspleZS (Fluttershy very much enjoys her new cards for the game, even though her old favorites they did rename. - fetchbeer)

56 remenescent

57 bluemajik

58 Fetchbeer (Dat yellow flank - Arcum)

59 AmbroseButtercrust

60 Wolferahm (That horned person can't resist the power of a hug, in this embrace he seems quite snug. - fetchbeer)

61 KUROGUAUGUAU (Woo, bass players! :D - Atlur)

62 TerribleTransit

63 Prismatic-Pretzel (Fluttershy offers you a ride in her car, I bet you hope she'll drive you far. - fetchbeer)

64 LeafGrowth

65 sbshouseofpancakes

66 Delta-Pangaea (Say what? A determined Flootershai?! Scandal! - Heireau)

67 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (With magic she'd help her tiny friends, as all their tiny wounds she mends. - fetchbeer)

68 Fox-E (When did Fluttershy become and evil dictator ruling the world with a mecha-crab ? - Arcum)

69 ikillyou121

70 Naytree

71 Muffinsforever (NOOOOOO - Heireau)

72 Nun2artzy

73 Fatum--Inanis

74 JeffMartinez


76 NightOfAccordianSax

77 KuroiTsubasaTenshi