Saturday, 17 September 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 12, Day 6

Hooray! We DID it everypony! We made it to the end of our weekly draw-a-thon! :) And even better, we made it to Season 2! :D You know what this calls for? A PARTY! And we're going to celebrate in proper pony fashion with Pinkie Pie! She's so bouncy and happy and zany! Okay, occasionally she seems a bit crazy, but hey, everypony has bad days, right? And I'm sure her friends can help cheer her up! :) And we're all friends here, so no reason to get down about anything everypony, we're here for you. And if you're ever feeling down, just pull up this gallery and see the 70 pictures of this bubbly pink pony and brighten up your day!

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Well ponies, it's been fun. We laughed. We cried. We drew ponies. In fact, just in the wrap up posts alone, we got 459 ponies from you all this week. 459! That's a lot of pony! And that's not even counting those of you who went back and made up for days you missed! So much pony! I'm proud of you all! When we started this event, we weren't sure what the general reaction would be. We had a feeling there would be some mixed opinions on it, and that did seem to be the case at the start. However, as the days went on, we kept getting lots and lots of ponies, and plenty of excitement for each new day! It was great to see! And hopefully many of you were motivated to draw a lot, and get plenty of practice with ponies. Every little bit of art you do helps you grow and improve. But it's easy to burn out keeping a pace like we've had this week, so we're going to slow back down to our usual speed of a theme a week (with the occasional bonus theme, of course). We can take our time, come up with clever ideas, and produce some art that we're proud to call our own!

And I can go back to having a little bit of a life outside of the ATG, hah. :b Not that I minded it, of course, but I'm in a strange foreign land, I should probably get out of my room every so often.

Many thanks to Arcum and Moonlight Scribe for helping us out with this last batch of daily pony commentary! This event would not have worked without the help of these lovely volunteers.

Now let's celebrate good times, everpony! Pinkie Pie style!

1 BrainDps (Pinkie and her ability to break physics makes the matter of hopping make her travel at light speeds when off camera is really quite astonishing. - Arcum)

2 Invidlord (I didn't know I had a wedding to go to... I hope you are at that party pinkie, It just wont be the same without you. - Arcum)

3 Otterlore

4 darth-franny (Oh no... Guys if I don't come ba... -Arcum)

5 Rhanoa (Crazy looking Pinkie Pie with crazy lighting makes one great party. I think. - Arcum)

6 SportaTiffany (Not sure if want. - Arcum)

7 Chromadancer

8 MLP-Whiteout (Pinkie seems to have the right idea. I could use a nap myself. - Arcum)

9 Alipes (I really do adore this style - Arcum)

10 AmbroseButtercrust

11 necrodios (Be careful to whom you offer aid, otherwise you may be into cupcakes made. - fetchbeer)

12 SportaTiffany
(Saucied for excessive amounts of fruit punch)

13 DarkKnightWolf2011

14 lozfoe444 (What have you done!? Soon your agenda will be full of pony! Oh wait that's not a bad thing. Good choice of day to start the revolution. - Arcum)

15 SamuelEAllen (It would be my favorite stop too Ditzy. You are a very lucky pony. - Arcum)

16 NikkuWalkanov

17 JimTheCactus (The best thing for drinking from those chocolate puddles, or will she use it to blow frothy bubbles. - fetchbeer)

18 hayhedgehoghay

19 RydelFox (D: -Lunar Apologist)

20 TheCrackerBrony (I don't think I would mind chocolate milk rain either. - Arucm)

21 AdamRBi (she'll be there all day with that straw - MoonlightScribe)

22 Fetchbeer (Dat gravity defying pink flank - Arcum)


24 RatofDrawn (Can't even stand still for the Princess, silly Pinkie - MoonlightScribe)

25 LifeSequenceBreak

26 UltraFamicom (She got twilight to cast a spell, otherwise her cloud surfing would not go well. - fetchbeer)

27 TheMellowSide (Actually it might be a good idea to keep one of these clouds for personal use - Arcum)

28 JunaECBS

29 Tecknojock (What other thing could be signified by all this bouncing, it's just this ponies way of a party announcing. - fetchbeer)

30 MoonlightScribe (Trixie, why you do this? -Lunar Apologist)

31 MoonlightScribe (This calls for a party! - Arcum)

32 larrle (Too many cupcakes and too much fudge, now she works to lose that pudge. - fetchbeer)

33 kitsuneymg

34 Atlur (Honk! -Honk!)

35 NME-NRG (Very Escher of you, Pinkie! -Lunar Apologist)

36 demented-Mr-Paulsen (Do not listen to that can of oats, for only violence it promotes. - fetchbeer)

37 HaleyLonglover

38 hip-indeed (I like happy Pinkamena, makes a change from all the crazy - MoonlightScribe)

39 TerribleTransit (Through my soul those eyes do bore, but still this sketchy pony I do adore. - fetchbeer)

40 Gadvac (I agree, Pinkie! -Lunar Apologist)

41 TheParagon (oh I hope I get an invite - MoonlightScribe)

42 KUROGUAUGUAU (Someone woke her from her hibernation, as she looks up in consternation. - fetchbeer)

43 RaspleZS

44 RiokennG3

45 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (If for this trick you do volunteer, for your future I do fear. - fetchbeer)

46 egophiliac

47 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

48 brokenhero0409 (Am I the only one worried by the thought of a Pinkie with a fully-stocked workroom like this? -Lunar Apologist)

49 41744 (It's nice to see her calm for a change - Atlur)

50 Wolferahm (I know how you feel! -Lunar Apologist)

51 Naytree (And then Pinkie was a pie. - Arcum)

52 Easteu (Yes Pinkie please hold time to let others get their submissions in. - Arcum)

53 remenescent (That seems... dangerous -Lunar Apologist)

54 toonboy92484

55 Delta-Pangaea

56 VirgaRainboom (I really like the shading/value style on this one! -Lunar Apologist)

57 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (I think I may go insane before then as welll... - Arcum)

58 Fox-E (what is this i don't even)

59 Errick

60 LeafGrowth (Pinkie no! Quick GRAB THE CUPCAKE! - Arcum)

61 Muffinsforever (I... uhh.... ha ha ha? Please don't hurt me! - Arcum)

62 Goggle Sparks


64 thattagen

65 PajiPants

66 Prismatic-Pretzel

67 Prismatic-Pretzel

68 JeffMartinez

69 ikillyou121

70 NightOfAccordionSax
Flash - Click to view!


  1. #35 here!

    "Very Escher of you, Pinkie!"
    OMC Escher is SO AWESOME!

  2. This blog post tastes like VICTORY. I got a pony in every day. Even if I did have to do a speedsketch for this last entry due to unforeseen circumstances.

    *Does a happy dance*

  3. #40 checking in-

    Everypony did great! *tastes blog post* Victory tastes like... muffins? Works for me.

    I wish I had been around for the original ATG- this was really fun!